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Web Resources Stephanie C. Ruben S. CSC101 wk 2..

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1 Web Resources Stephanie C. Ruben S. CSC101 wk 2.

2 Blogs A blog is the contracting of the term “web log.” This is a type of website which provide commentary or news on a particular subject. They are also considered online diaries they combine pictures, text, and links to other pages and other blogs. Some of the more popular blogs are the celebrity gossip blogs

3 Skype is a software application which allows you to make voice calls over the internet. This is a free service, unless you want to use a mobile or landline phone. Skype does not run on servers it uses the background processing on computers running the skype program.

4 Google Talk An instant messaging similar to that of aim and msn live. Google talk in only available for windows computers. Google chat is available for mobile based devices such as Iphone, blackberry and androids.

5 Twitter is a social networking and microblogging website. Twitter is owned by Twitter inc., Twitter enables users to send and read 140 character long messages known as tweets. Twitter has over 190 million monthly users.

6 Whoozy This Website allows people to enter the first name, last name or nickname of any individual and the website will search the web and social networks for profiles, images and more.

7 Zillow The website uses a proprietary algorithm called the "Zestimate" to appraise property values based on undisclosed factors. Sellers can use Zillow as a marketing tool by appraising their properties, posting property information such as improvements and access to major roads; and comparing nearby property value appraisals.

8 Sleeping in Airports Airport reviews including the best and worst airports to stay overnight. The website will show you which airports you can sleep in safely and comfortably and those which you should avoid altogether on your next trip.

9 Priceline A website designed to search for the cheapest airline tickets and allows users to get discounts on flights, hotels, rental cars, vacations and cruises.

10 The End

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