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What is Geography and why does it matter?

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1 What is Geography and why does it matter?
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2 What is Geography? What is the difference between absolute and
relative locations? Geography - The study of where people, places and things are located and how they relate to each other. Location: Relative- describing the position of a certain place in relation to another place. Absolute- exact location of a place by using latitude & longitude. Geography uses: creating maps Globes charts an understanding of the links between people and the Earth. the continents the oceans world map latitude & longitude what is location? Relative vs. absolute types of maps how climate affects culture (examples: southern Europe, lazy attitude, slow, siestas, trains are not punctual. Northern Europe; punctual, strict, hard working)

3 Location Use your arm to show me… Latitude. Now longitude. Latitude:
Measures distances north or south of the Equator. Equator: Divides the Earth into two halves, called hemispheres. Northern Hemisphere-lies north of equator Southern Hemisphere- lies south of equator. Longitude: Measures distances east or west of the Prime Meridian. Prime Meridian: An imaginary line that runs through Greenwich, England. The circle formed divides Earth into the Eastern and Western Hemispheres. There are different stars in Northern and Southern Hemispheres. EX: Southern Cross (S), Big Dipper(N)-at least in my experience I wasn’t able to see it. Water circles in the opposite direction in the different hemisphere. Northern=clockwise Southern=counterclockwise.

4 Place Let’s try another example: New York City, NY
Physical characteristics? Human characteristics? Geographers describe place in terms of: Physical characteristics Including: landforms, climate, soil, and animal life of a place. Human characteristics Including: people’s way of life-their activities, means of transportation, religion, and languages. Example: Los Angeles, CA Physical=position on Pacific coast, weather, landforms, and its plant/animal life. Human=Hollywood, stores, houses, and roads. Los Angeles’ physical & human characteristics are connected. Example for Albany: Position on Hudson, brought settlers there in 1600s. Today its still a busy river port.

5 Movement of peoples and ideas
What does interdependence mean? Why do you think it would be important for us in a global society to understand the IMPLICATIONS (consequences) of being interdependent? Migration Early peoples Slavery Modern day reasons Trade Why does trade occur? Exports Imports Ideas Occurs with movement of people and goods Has become highly efficient with modern technology. Interdependence Defined as: the dependence of people, goods, resources, and knowledge from other parts of the world. Early Peoples Migrated to find food Slavery African Americans forced against their will all over the world. Modern Day reasons: Freedom or better life Escape war or natural disaster. Trade: movement of goods btwn areas. Why? Bcuz areas of the world have different resources and different levels of economic development. Movement of ideas occurs with the movement of people and goods. Has occurred since beginning of time. Gotten easier, faster. Interdependence: Example: America gets coffee from s. America, oil from Middle East, tea from India, etc.. For American economy to prosper-we must export our goods to people around globe.

6 Continents and oceans Seven continents: Oceans of the world:
North America South America Africa Europe Asia Australia Antarctic Oceans of the world: Pacific Atlantic Indian Arctic

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