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Advertising Media Selection Chapter 9 with Duane Weaver.

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1 Advertising Media Selection Chapter 9 with Duane Weaver

2 MEDIA STRATEGY …process of analyzing and choosing media for an advertising and promotions campaign

3 MEDIA PLANNING No two plans alike, usually includes: 1.Marketing Analysis (careful consideration of target market(s)) 2.Advertising Analysis (fundamental Advertising Strategy and Budget) 3.Media Strategy (Media to be used and creative decisions) 4.Media Scheduling (What ads when and where) 5.Justification and summary (Metrics of success)

4 Media Planning Roles Media Planner – formulates program of when and where to place ads. Media Buyer – buy space and negotiate rates, times and schedules.

5 Advertising Objectives Reach – (depth) # of target reached with the medium Frequency – (repetitive hits) # of times target exposed to same ad within a specified time frame GRP (Gross Rating Points) – impact or intensity of media plan… vehicle’s rating X frequency=GRP Effective Rating Points (ERP) Cost –CPM (cost per thousand) cost to reach 1000 of the target audience/vehicle –CRP (cost per rating point) = cost per media buy/Vehicle’s rating –Weighted CPM = ad cost x 100 / actual audience reached Continuity – exposure pattern or schedule used in the ad campaign –Continuous –Pulsating –Discontinuous Impressions - # of gross impressions = # of exposures to entire audience

6 Reaching Ad Objectives Effective Frequency and Effective Reach = # of times target must see ad and % of target that must be exposed in order to reach Objectives. Allows for variation and strives for optimal frequency/mix. 3 exposure theory vs. Recency Theory = intrusion value vs. most recent in mind (1 may be enough for that target member if it need already top of mind)

7 MEDIA SELECTION TV Radio Outdoor Internet Magazines Newspapers Direct Mail Alternative Media –leaflets, brochures, carry-homes, Ads on carry- homes, Ads on T-shirts & caps, movie trailers, free- standing signs, motel room ads, yellow pages, mall kiosks, by fax, video replay scoreboards, arenas, airline seats, walls of airports, subways, bus terminals, buses, cabs…

8 Media Mix See Table 8.8 and Figure 8.5 on p. 260 of 3 rd. ed. MEDIA MULTIPLIER EFFECT – increased impact of using 2 or more media


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