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HRM2 Selection interviewing – review 25 October 2006.

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1 HRM2 Selection interviewing – review 25 October 2006

2 2 Introduction: aims Discuss your reflections on these experiences and in particular consider some of the key practical aspects of selection interviews –Preparation –Stages of the interview – opening and middle –Interview skills and types of questions Build on your learning for the next practical exercise on performance management

3 3 Interview preparation What kinds of preparation did you carry out? What were your aims? How did you decide on your strategy and structure for the interview? What were your key selection criteria? What were these influenced by? What sources of information did you find most helpful? What was most difficult in your preparations? What was your planned timing?

4 4 Opening the interview Opening - interviewer –What were you trying to do? –What techniques did you use? –Did you establish rapport? Opening – interviewee –How did your interview begin? –How did you feel at the start? –What effect did this have?

5 5 Middle of the interview: collecting information Biographical - aims and limitations Competency based – aims and types of behaviour Problem solving – aims and nature of evidence Personal characteristics questions – timing and ethics Evaluation: assess the amount and quality of the information that was collected

6 6 Interview skills Exercise control and direction Taking notes – criteria based matrix Active listening is critical – giving feedback – verbal and non-verbal communications Questioning skills

7 7 Types of questions Open and closed questions Follow up questions Probing questions Comparison questions Avoid multiple, long and leading questions Interviewee questions

8 8 What would you do differently?

9 9 Improving the interview Preparations Implementation is key: training and support Structured approach: criteria and evidence based Multi-method data collection Generic skills and dedicated skills

10 10 Types of interaction Enquiry Selection Attitude survey Health screening Exposition Presentation Lecture Briefing Joint problem solving Appraisal Counselling Discipline Conflict resolution Negotiation Arbitration Torrington et al (2005: 71)

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