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1 paul drumm; 19-09-2005; FAC-PR MICE Project Status Funding Agency Committee 19 th September 2005.

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1 1 paul drumm; 19-09-2005; FAC-PR MICE Project Status Funding Agency Committee 19 th September 2005

2 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 2 MICE project: Build MICE Install MICE Operate MICE PM=Coordinating: design activities interfaces construction safety resources schedule risks

3 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 3 MICE Project Structures –MICE Collaboration Board – collaboration chair –MICE Executive Board – spokesman –MICE Technical Board – project manager Tech Spec & Change Control Technical Coordination –WBS/OBS »Task Managers »Engineering integration & monitoring »Engineering installation »Safety MICE Schedule MICE Risk Management MICE(UK) fund & schedule management

4 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 4 MICE Project Tasks WBS + visualisation as a set of Gantt charts –Expresses task break down & interrelationships –Critical Path –Milestone definitions –Resource (People Cash) allocation & responsibilities –Schedule –Responsive – change controlled Proposed by TB Agreed at EB

5 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 5 WBS 1 MICE 1.1 MICE Integration (Drumm/RAL) 1.1.1 Mice Experiment (Drumm+TechBoard) 1.1.2 Mice Into Experimental Hall (RAL/UK) 1.1.3 Experimental Integration Overview (Oxford/UK) 1.2 Muon Beam Line and Infrastructure (Drumm/RAL) 1.2.1 Muon Beam Line (RAL) 1.2.2 Cryogenic Infrastructure (RAL) 1.2.3 Hydrogen System Infrastructure (RAL) 1.2.4 Civil Engineering (RAL) 1.2.5 Plant and Services (RAL) 1.2.6 Interlocks and Safety (RAL) 1.2.7 MICE Support Infrastructure (RAL) 1.2.8 ISIS-MICE Controls Interface (RAL) 1.2.9 Vacuum Systems (RAL) 1.3 MICE Cooling Modules (Zisman/LBNL) 1.3.1 Absorber and Focus Coil Module (Oxford/UK) 1.3.2 Cavity and Coupling Coil Module (LBNL/US) 1.3.3 RF Power Systems (DL/UK) 1.3.4 Magnet Power Supplies (LBNL/US) 1.3.5 Installation and Integration (LBNL/US) 1.4 Detectors, Tracker Solenoid and Measurement (Bross/FNAL) 1.4.1 ToF (EU) 1.4.2 Up Stream Cherenkov (UMO/US) 1.4.3 Down Stream Cherenkov (EU) 1.4.4 Tracker Module (IC/UK) 1.4.5 µCAL(EU) 1.4.6 Data Acquisition (Vacant) 1.4.7 Analysis and Simulation Software (Torun) 1.5 Slow Controls - Instrumentation & Monitoring (Blondel) 1.5.X Physics List (MAC) 1.5.Y Controls Coordination (DL/UK) 1.6 Management (Drumm/RAL) wrong

6 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 6 task activity resource integration cavity vacuum absorber UKUSJpcEu instrumentation

7 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 7 Review roadmap Create Working group Develop Design Concept Review Engineer Review Operate Monitoring Video conferences Collaboration meetings Technical Board TB Control Audit TB Video conferences Collaboration meetings Technical Board RAL

8 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 8 Schedule Overview Needs correction Funding Limited

9 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 9 Integration Ties together –Resources –Design Activities –Oversight

10 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 10 Beam Line –Target on the ISIS synchrotron –Optics: capture; decay; matched beam into the MICE channel Beam elements from ISIS New power supplies Decay solenoid from PSI cryogenic system expensive

11 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 11 Location MICE: 1 Hz 800 MeV ~0.1 µA ISIS: 50 Hz 800 MeV 300 µA

12 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 12 MICE Hall

13 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 13 Infrastructure Shielding Electricity Water Alignment RF Power Systems* –Reuse of equipment (ex LBNL ex CERN) Hydrogen delivery system* –Critical safety issue * Funded for prototyping to reduce downstream schedule risks

14 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 14 Cooling Channel:AFC SC Coils surrounding liquid hydrogen cell –Complex engineering task –Critical safety issue –20 l each absorber –Explosive : 17% - 56% –Flammable : 4% - 75% –Ignition: 20mJ in air –Gas. Density: 6% of air –Liq. Density: 7% of water –Expansion ratio 800:1 –Particular problem of pumping –Oxygen plates out on cold surfaces & cannot be detected LH 2 Vac-I Vac-II cold warm O 2 Un-detectable O 2 detectable

15 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 15 Absorber System

16 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 16 Cooling Channel:RF-CC 0.38 mm thick, 420 mm dia. 201 MHz MUCOOL R&D Curved Be windows R&D Issue: High MV/m in a strong Bfield

17 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 17 Cooling Channel: RF-Power 4 MW Power systems Two high power amplifiers and drivers ex LBNL Two high power amplifiers ex CERN drivers ex CERN/LBNL New LLRF system Deliver 8MW into 8 cavities or Deliver 2MW into 4 cavities

18 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 18 Cooling Channel:I&I Module Integration: Module-to-module MICE to floor MICE to services Abstract: Forces Engineering Standards QA/QC Interfaces & Integration

19 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 19 Instrumentation: Particle Identification Conventional particle detection applied to accelerator diagnostics –Particle identification –Impure beam – protons, , , e Time-of-flight Cherenkov Calorimeter –Momentum & emittance measurement Spectrometer: Tracking in a magnetic field

20 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 20 Instrumentation: Spectrometer Solenoid Critical path item US responsibility –Cash flow limited construction Gantt Baseline: End ’07 End ’08 Resource limited

21 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 21 Instrumentation:Spectrometer Tracker pattern recognition – systematic errors evaluated with cosmic rays – stringent tests in B field planned Scintillating fibre tracking detector MICE tracker Spectrometer

22 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 22 Instrumentation: I&I Interfaces & Integration

23 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 23 Safety Issues General engineering issues –Working at height –Heavy objects –Confined spaces More specific risks –Cryogenic fluids –High Voltage –Magnetic fields –RF fields & Xrays –Ionising & non-ionising radiation –Liquid hydrogen Uniform approach  safety first Processes & tools in place RAL Confidence in MICE is important for success

24 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 24 Critical Path - Significant Milestones Delivery of Decay Solenoid Cryogenics ISIS Shutdown 2006/7 Completion of beam line Delivery of completed tracker detector Delivery of PID instrumentation Delivery of 1 st spectrometer solenoid

25 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 25 Risk Delivery of items in phase 1 –Cost overrun (always a risk) –Schedule slippage (¨) Still dependent on successful funding bids –INFN particularly –Be, Nl, CH Contingency plan: –Re-evaluate minimum needs to characterise the beam –Re-alignment of activities to meet these needs

26 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 26 Risk Delivery of items in phase 2 –Contingent on successful delivery of phase 1 –Same cost & schedule risks US delivery cash limited –Cavities, coupling coils Again dependent on as yet unfunded bids (e.g.) –UK: absorbers, cavity –CH: coupling coil

27 paul drumm; September ‘05; FAC 27 Summary

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