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Strategic Goals of the Department Are the Infrastructure and Catalyst for Our Retention Initiatives Provide a Superior Academic Experience Prepare students.

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1 Strategic Goals of the Department Are the Infrastructure and Catalyst for Our Retention Initiatives Provide a Superior Academic Experience Prepare students for acct’g & business careers and grad ed Support Efforts to Obtain Practical Experience & Permanent Employment Attract Diverse Population Highly-talented students Variety of backgrounds Provide Extracurricular Opportunities Enhance leadership, social, communication & group skills Maintain Strong Faculty Cadre Academically prepared with diverse experience RETENTION

2 Provide Superior Academic Experience… StrategyPurposeFollow-up Challenges Multiple Advisors: 1. Freshmen 2. Honor Students 3. Transfers & Seniors 4. Sophomores & Juniors Provide successful transition into college Map and monitor academic goals/progress Counseling Provide interactions (3) w/ faculty End-of-semester student surveys Address areas for improvement Managing students at risk (in trouble) Inclusion in faculty performance evaluation Mandatory Meetings (Each Class, Chair & Faculty) Appropriate Academic Progress Career Paths (CPA & GMAT) An “Awareness” Meeting Q & A Session Update student data base Address student concerns Filling gaps identified in School’s Freshman orientation class Tutorial and Mentoring Programs Provide tutoring for 5 of the 9 accounting core courses; (Math tutoring provided) Future Efforts Survey of tutoring and mentoring experience Maintaining small tutor-student ratio Tutoring > 540 hrs Student ownership of teaching/learning process & personal development Identify level of satisfaction w/ advisement, curriculum & other essential Dept activities Distribute findings Meet w/ Student Advisory Council Limited size of focus groups 2

3 Provide Superior Academic Experience …(con’t) StrategyPurposeFollow-up Challenges Provide Unique Classroom Approaches Create a competitive environment Develop learning communities among students Learning assessment results Comparison of withdrawal rates Experimental side effects Addressing the learning needs of Generation X Students Actively Participate in Advisement Ensure planned, personalized educational experience Evaluation and feedback of students’ prepared curriculum plan Ensuring follow- up w/ all advisees Limit Faculty -to- Student Ratio (average class size 25) Provide opportunity for individual attention & unique teaching approaches Identify & assist at-risk student Increase Mastery classes and Supplemental instruction To create more learning communities FUTURE EFFORTS Approval and Scheduling 3

4 Attract Diverse Population … Recruitment & Enrollment StrategyPurposeFollow-up Challenges Periodically Review Scholarship Award and Renewal Criterion Remain competitively selective Recruitment of highly-talented students Rewards for honor students & scholars. Strategy plans for non-renewals Student supply Timing and completeness of University data Award Scholarships to Continuing Students Reward academic improvementProvide counseling and other support ------------- Enforce Test Scores and GPA Requirements (including University requirements) Academically ready student Identify students requiring developmental courses and extended counseling/advisement Monitor/counsel students not meeting entrance tests Supply: Students w/ SAT 750 & 2.5gpa (in) and 980 SAT & 2.85 gpa (out) Developmental courses Transfer GPA Restriction for Business and non- Business majors Academically prepared student Document reasons for transfers-out and transfers-in Strategy plan for non-accepted students Limited Communication w/ NCA&T transferring unit 4

5 Provide Opportunities … Enhance leadership, … communication & group skills & Ensure Practical Experience and Permanent Placement StrategyFollow-up Challenges Required membership in Accounting Organization & Toastmasters Faculty monitor level of student involvement Monitoring compliance Highlighting accomplishments of students Conduct Private Industry Workshop, Meet the Firms & Leadership Explosion Provide feedback to students (e.g., interviewing skills, social skills, etc) Ensuring that at least 40 sophomore and junior obtain internships Student Participation from other Business School's Support professional firm and private industry presentations/workshops & community service events Focus on students’ sense of academic and social belonging Monitoring/scheduling over 40 student events Tracking students required to attend workshops Support stakeholders’ efforts in providing academic tools to students Select appropriate learning tools Faculty usage of tools (Criterion Writing Assessment; Computerized Homework Manager; Trading Room Notify students about External & Dept activities & Job opportunities via communication conduits Update student database Monitor attendance in this & leadership development programs Selecting most efficient communication conduit (My Space, Phone Tree, Cell Phone) FUTURE EFFORTS 5

6 Dept’ s Student Retention, & Recruitment…Committee Director of Student Affairs Pre-College Summer Program Partnerships: Center for Career Success and University units with proven and/or innovative retention programs/initiatives Review & Follow-up Student Data: (mid- term/final grades, probation reports) Retention rates: First year cohort to 80%. Second year cohort to 75%. Retention Sidebar Future Efforts?

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