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5th lecture – Sport for handicapped Situation in Finland Paralympics

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1 5th lecture – Sport for handicapped Situation in Finland Paralympics
Classification Special Olympics

2 Main forms of action in special physical activity
Organizations for handicapped sport,Paralympic committee Top sport Organizations for handicapped sport,clubs Competition sport Municipal,club and individual activities Conditioning and recretional physical activity School Applied physical education Health care Rehabilitation / rehabilitative physical activity

3 Competitive and top sport
Federations of handicapped sport organizations mainly responsible, the 3 biggest: SIU = Finnish Federation for Invalid Sport SKLU = Finnish Sport for Mentally Handicapped NKL = Central Organization for Visually Impaired Finnish Paralympic Committee responsible of top sport

4 Finnish sport and physical activity for handicapped VAU ry www
Finnish sport and physical activity for handicapped VAU ry Estabilished

5 Sport for handicapped in Finland
Sport federation of war invalids Strong path opener in early days Last national cahampionship games in 2000 Nowadays sport for handicapped in addition to VAU with Finnish Sport Federation for Deaf

6 Great Book of Olympics (Suuri Olympiateos) – part 10
Siukonen, Pulakka, Ahola (1996), Jyväskylä: Gummerus History of paralympics participants results profiles From freak to top sport (Kummajaisesta huippu-urheiluksi) History of finnish sport for handicapped Leena Kummu 2007.

7 Paralympics
International top athletic games for physically and visually impaired governed by International Paralympic Committee (IPC) and recognized by international Olympic Committee (IOC) Organized after Olympic games at the same venues Finnish Paralympic Committee is responsible of organizing,choosing and sending team to the games

8 Paralympic sports: summer
bench press wheel chair rugby wheel chair fencing yachting shooting swimming table tennis wheel chair tennis sitting volleyball rowing archery track and field wheel chair basketball boccia cycling equestrian events fencing soccer goalball judo CP soccer

9 Paralympialajit: talvi
cross-country skiing alpine skiing biathlon sled ice-hockey wheel chair curling

10 Classification of handicapped athletes
Athletes are classified by functional ability Goal:equal competitive situation Observed in classification: background information of athlete (diagnosis) function capability of muscles / eyesight functional capability of athlete in performance Classification can be permanent or temporary

11 Special Olympics
World wide organization of mentally handicapped recognized by IOC Offers year-round physical activity to mentally handicapped,their instructors,coaches and families Organizes Special Olympics every second year (alternating summer and winter games) In Finland organized by VAU

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