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Chapter 2 Information Technology Concepts & Issues.

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1 Chapter 2 Information Technology Concepts & Issues

2 Agenda Concepts Issues Chief information officer

3 Concepts Data Database Application program Information Knowledge Knowledge workers Data workers Legacy system

4 Concepts Classifications Infrastructure & architecture

5 Classifications By organizational structure By functional area By support provided By activity supported By system architecture

6 By Organization Structure Department information systems –LAN Enterprise information systems –Intranet Interorganizational systems –Extranet

7 By Functional Area Accounting information system Finance information system Manufacturing information system Marketing information system Human resources management information system

8 By Support Provided Transaction processing system (TPS) Management information system (MIS) Office automation system (OAS) Decision support system (DSS) –Executive information or support system (EIS) –Group support system (GSS) Intelligent support system –Expert system (ES) –Artificial neural network (ANN) E-Commerce

9 Electronic store front Electronic advertisement media Electronic catalog Electronic bulletin board Electronic information source Electronic transaction method Electronic entertainment center

10 By Activity Supported Operational systems –Routine operations –TPS, MIS, & simple DDS Managerial systems or tactical systems –Routine decisions –Short-term planning, organizing, & control –MIS for summaries, exception reports, periodic and ad hoc reports, comparative analysis, projections, connection

11 By Activity Supported Strategic Systems –Long-range planning –Strategic response systems –Innovative strategic systems

12 By System Architecture Mainframe-based Standalone personal computer Distributed or networked computing

13 Information Infrastructure Physical facilities, services, & management to support information needs in an organization Components –Hardware –Software –Network –Database –Procedure –People

14 Information Architecture High-level map or plan of the information requirements in an organization Types –Mainframe –PC –Distributed –Client/server

15 Agenda Concepts Issues Chief information officer

16 Issues End-user IT dept Company Society

17 End-user Issues Computer literacy –What is it? –Costs –How to deliver? –Changing content

18 End-user Issues User development –How much? –Power/control/misuse Work environment –Ergonomics Humanization –Human factor

19 IT Department Issues Centralized or decentralized Interconnectivity Alignment of IT dept. goals with organization IT organization level Exponential growth of technology

20 IT Department Issues IT leveraging Technology scouting –Technology transfer –Scouting technology future –Predicting trends –Mapping technology to organization –Demonstrating how it could be used –Implementing sold technology

21 Company IT Issues Strategic role of IT –Top-down planning Computer crime/ security Reengineering with IT Business value of IT –Productivity Change management Flexibility for future

22 Societal Issues Ethic Privacy Unemployment/displacement

23 Agenda Concepts Issues Chief information officer

24 Chief Information Officer VP for IT services Understands business & technology Looks to future –Technology transfer Creates & sells IT vision Implements IT infrastructure

25 Points to Remember Concepts Issues Chief information officer

26 Discussion Questions What are the different types of IS in your organization? Do you think that your organization need extra IS? Name it. What are the responsibilities of the chief information officer in your organization if you have one?

27 Assignment Review technology guides 1-2, chapters 1- 2 Read chapter 3 Group assignment Research paper

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