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Generic SSO Wednesday, June 23 rd Jan den Hartog Lauren Banks.

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1 Generic SSO Wednesday, June 23 rd Jan den Hartog Lauren Banks

2 What is SSO? SSO stands for Single Sign-On finalsite defines SSO as the ability to log in to a website from another website without having to log in a second time

3 What are the benefits of SSO? Reduce password fatigue for your constituents Facilitate credentials management for your system administrators Simplify navigation between multiple systems, using finalsite portals as the main entry point for your constituents

4 How does SSO work? Token-based authentication Key-based authentication Standards-based Passed credentials

5 The end-user perspective Using multiple systems can be confusing to your end-users, but is often unavoidable Use finalsite portals to seamlessly connect your constituents to multiple systems

6 How do I manage SSO on my site? SSOs will be managed via Constituent Manger Enabled SSOs will appear in red; site admins will have access to manage login credentials. SSOs enabled in Constituent Manager will be available for adding to SSO portal elements.

7 How do I add SSO links? From the unpublished tab of your portal page, create (or edit) an SSO element The available SSO links will appear in the dropdown menu Choose an SSO link, then edit the link text that appears in the element text box Multiple SSO links may be added to a single element Multiple SSO elements can be added to a single portal page

8 What SSOs are currently available? Google Apps for Education Moodle pickAtime Net Directories Blackbaud NetCommunity inResonance FAM PCR Educator Senior Systems My Backpack Veracross Britannica CQ Research CultureGrams EBSCO Facts on File Grolier Infotrac JSTOR NetTrekker Oxford Art and Music SIRS World Book World and I School

9 finalsite Custom SSO Create your own SSO from finalsite into another system The other system must allow you to write plug-ins or directly access the software code You will have to write the software to handle the incoming SSO (or commission a third party to do so) There must be a common data point between both systems Configure the SSO parameters in finalsite, including a shared key

10 New Development 2010 Naviance Sharepoint

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