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Let’s Jump Together.

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1 Let’s Jump Together

2 Teams Unit of two of more people with complementary skills who are committed to a common purpose, set of performance goals, and expectations, for which they hold themselves accountable.

3 Themes People work on continuous basis for duration of team Small
People share a goal

4 Group vs. Team Work independently Strong leader
Individual accountability Shared mission Shared leadership Collective responsibility Equality

5 Continuous Improvement
Teamwork An understanding of and commitment to group goals on the part of all team members. Advantages Disadvantages Synergy Cliques Peer Evaluation Conformity Mutual Support Group Think Continuous Improvement Social Loafing

6 Effective Teams Innovation/Adaptation Efficiency Quality
Employee Satisfaction

7 Innovative Teams Capability to rapidly respond to environmental needs and changes Can you think of any examples?

8 Efficient Teams Enable the organization to attains goals with fewer resources When could we use these teams?

9 Quality Teams Ability to achieve superior results with fewer resources
Exceed customer expectations at the same time Examples of these teams?

10 Employee Satisfaction
Maintain employee commitment and enthusiasm by meeting the personal needs of members Who wants to be in this team?

11 Effective Team Leaders
Knowledgeable in team process Must recognize needs of their people Must build on team’s strengths Develop trust within team Encourage and support team decisions Provide teams with challenging and motivating work

12 Group Centered Approach
Decision Making Traditional Approach Group Centered Approach Leader focus on task and ignore personal feelings Seek opinions and agreement but make final decision Maintain control of group discussion Discourage expression of feelings Leader listens attentively and observes non-verbal cues Advisor or Facilitator Model appropriate leadership behavior Establish safe climate Relinquish control to the group to make final choice

13 Now its your turn to work together as a team to accomplish a goal

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