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Thinking About Graduate School?. Is Graduate School Right for Me? I enjoy exploring new ideas. I enjoy solving problems. I am intelligent. I have initiative.

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1 Thinking About Graduate School?

2 Is Graduate School Right for Me? I enjoy exploring new ideas. I enjoy solving problems. I am intelligent. I have initiative and self-discipline. I want to learn more about my field or change fields. I need an advanced degree to achieve my personal and professional goals.

3 Expanding my Career Options Master’s degrees: (30 -60 credits) Master of Science, Master of Engineering, Master of Education, Master of Business Administration, BS/MS – Thesis or non-thesis options – Careers in business, industry or K – 12 education Doctor of Philosophy degree (90 credits) - PhD - Teaching- and research-oriented - Careers in academia and/or industry Other “terminal” degrees: MD, JD, DDS, Ed.D

4 Prerequisites for Graduate School BA/BS degree Strong grades and test scores Well-crafted Statement of Purpose Adequate funds Motivation!

5 How to Evaluate Graduate Programs (1) Academic program Faculty reputation Facilities Program requirements Cost of attending; cost of living Student life Employment data on graduates

6 How to Evaluate Graduate Programs (2) Confer with faculty – WPI and prospective institutions Talk with current graduate students - WPI and prospective institutions Visit campuses of interest Attend Graduate Fairs Review catalogs, websites, etc.

7 Applying to Graduate School The application form – personal information; on-line or printed versions Statement of Purpose/Personal Statement Letters of recommendation Standardized tests Official transcripts and grade reports

8 Admission Tests for Graduate School Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Graduate Management Aptitude Test (GMAT) Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) Law School Admission Test (LSAT) Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or XXXXXXXX (IELTS)

9 Graduate Record Examination Offered year-round at computer-base testing centers Cost $115 for General Test Allow 3 – 4 hours for General Test and Writing Assessment Unofficial scores immediately. Official score report in 10 – 15 days For more information go to

10 Graduate Record Examination: Subject Test Offered three times a year – November, December and April - paper version only Cost $130 per subject test Three hour exam Unofficial scores immediately. Official score report in 10 – 15 days??? Subject Tests offered in: Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology,Biology. Chemistry, Computer Science, Literature in English, Mathematics, Physics, Psychology

11 Funding Your Graduate Study Funding Your Graduate Study Fellowships Teaching and Research Assistantships Deferred Payment Plans – contact Financial Aid Office Loans and corporate funding Special opportunities for underrepresented and disadvantaged students (GEMS, McNair Programs, etc.) Check out WPI Fellowships and Scholarships website:

12 Calendar for Preparing for Graduate School (1) Summer before senior year Review websites, catalogs, and other guides to graduate programs Draft Statement of Purpose Early fall of senior year Meet with faculty, graduate students, CDC advisors Request for letters of recommendation Register for standardized tests

13 Calendar for Preparing for Graduate School (2) October Take standardized tests Request application materials Complete Statement of Purpose Order transcripts November Complete application forms Provide recommenders with necessary materials

14 Calendar for Preparing for Graduate School (3) December/early January Submit applications Plan campus visits January Confirm all application materials have been received April 15 Common Reply Date

15 Sample List of Graduate Schools Attended by WPI Alumni See list ……. From

16 Graduate Education at WPI Over 50 graduate science, engineering and management programs More than 300 full- and part-time faculty, many recognized worldwide Active and growing program of leading-edge research: 19 NSF Career Awards since 1995 Close ties with industry Almost $20M in externally-funded research Applications-oriented approach to learning

17 WPI Graduate Student Profile Approximately 1,000 graduate students representing: 37 states 57 countries 275 area employers 54% part-time; 46% full-time 80% enrolled in master’s degree programs 20% enrolled in doctoral programs

18 Graduate Education in ECE at WPI BS/MS “double dip” 6 credits courses must be approved prior to enrollment – BS/MS Plan of Study MS in Electrical Engineering: 30 credits thesis or 33 credits non-thesis options PhD in Electrical Engineering 90 credits – including 30 credits of research 113 enrolled students (Spring ’06) 74 master’s and 39 PhD’s

19 Funding Opportunities for WPI Graduate Students Teaching Assistantships – 9 months; 18 credits Research Assistantships - varies Fellowships Goddard Fellowship– self-nominate, 12 months, 20 credits Other Endowed Fellowships – nominations by faculty, awards vary between 9 – 12 months; 18 credits Annual appointments

20 How to Apply for Admission Application available online at Application processing fee of $70 - waived for WPI students and alumni GRE – required for all U.S. fellowship applicants and all international applicants Statement of Purpose – required for PhD applicants only Recommendations – required for all applicants TOEFL – waived for applicant who have attended an English-speaking institution full time for minimum of one year

21 Resources at WPI’s Career Development Center Graduate School Directories Graduate School Brochures Graduate Testing Information Scholarship and Grant Information Books on preparing Statements of Purpose Books on interviewing skills Critique and review of Statements of Purpose One-on-one counseling Information on Career and Graduate School Fairs

22 Other Resources US News & World Reports, Best Graduate Schools The Best College for You The Insiders Book of Law School Lists The Insiders Book of Medical School Lists Web References Peterson’s Guide: Graduate School Guide: XXX school guides.comschool

23 Financial Aid Resources Cash for Grad School: The Ultimate Guide to Grad School Scholarships, Phillip C. McKee and Cynthia Ruiz McKee, Quill, 2003 Directory of Financial Aid series, Gail A. Schlachter, Reference Service Press, 2003 Free Money for Graduate School, 4 th edition, Blum, Laurie, Getting Money for Graduate School, Peterson’s, 2003

24 The Value of Lifelong Learning In this world, security does not come from a union card, from lifetime employment at a big company or from government work. It will only come from the skills you carry with you. --Thomas Friedman The Lexus and the Olive Tree

25 Information for this presentation was made available from the WPI Career Development Center and from the 2004 Council of Graduate Schools pamphlet, “Graduate School and You: A Guide for Prospective Graduate Students.”

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