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LYU0101 Wireless Digital Information System Lam Yee Gordon Yeung Kam Wah Supervisor Prof. Michael Lyu Second semester FYP Presentation 2001~2002.

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1 LYU0101 Wireless Digital Information System Lam Yee Gordon Yeung Kam Wah Supervisor Prof. Michael Lyu Second semester FYP Presentation 2001~2002

2 Overview Introduction Design Direction System Architecture Work Done Possible Improvement

3 Introduction PDA become more popular Computation power and Memory is increasing High Bandwidth Wireless Technology BlueTooth, Wireless LAN 3G Demand for provide content to PDA Provide location related information

4 Wireless Digital Information System To build a generic system that allow company provide their content to user Support different application Single client for different server Search function Support multimedia content

5 Wireless Digital Information System Usage Shopping guild in a Shopping Mall Information search in an Exhibition Showing vacancy in a Car Park Digital video Library client

6 Design Direction

7 What ’ s our goal? (in previous slide) Main Issues we need to concern: Data (format, storage, types) Search Engine (vector,probabilistic model, indexing, ranking, relevance feedback) Platform (hand-held device)

8 Concern 1:Data Use XML as the primary data format To give our user a standard, feasible and extensible way to design the data structure separate the concern on the data and presentation of information Use XSL to change XML into information changes in module or client platform will not affect the data

9 Concern 1:Data Storing XML in Database Database provides us many useful services, e.g. building different kinds of indexing on data, concurrency control, recoverability of data, etc. Break down XML file into tree nodes and store as tuples (parent id, node id, type, data) easy for locate and update the data in XML reform the XML on need

10 Concern 2: Searching Use Vector Model assign weight to index terms in queries and in XML file (from tf factor, term- frequency and idf factor, inverse document frequency) compute degree of similarity between each XML file and user query give ordering of XML file

11 Concern 2: Searching A full inverted index is built. have a better ranking, e.g. search for “ 林 怡 ”, I prefer to have “ 林怡 ” in search result, rather than “ 林保怡 ”. can help in searching a whole phase.

12 Concern 2: Searching Problem: client may need only ten search results at a time, I can ’ t send all the result to PDA client at a time !!! (in decreasing of the similarity, just like have different result page in google) NN-search Methods (R-tree, SS-tree, SR- tree, X-tree, MVP-tree, A-tree, VA-file ) We choose VA-file

13 Concern 2: Searching Reason for choosing VA-file: performs much better than the others in high-dimension space(as number of index term may be over thousand) IO page, number of Vector calculation, CPU time in search CPU time on construction Characteristics of VA-file: no MBRs, no Tree, use approximation linear search, just build a small filter file

14 Concern 3: Client Platform We choose Pocket PC as our client platform Reason: Pocket PC have better support in Internet Multi-Media Performance processing power of Pocket PC is higher than Palm OS nowadays

15 System Architecture


17 Server side XML Data is processed and stored in the database A set of XSL is used to format the output Client side Displace information Send user request to server

18 Server Side Four main components at Server Side XML Pre-processor Search Engine XSL transformer TCP Server that Communicate with PDA client incoming: Keyword search, Map search result, outgoing: HTML, Video xml definition (probably a very simple SMIL), Map xml definition Web server (images) MMS server (videos)

19 XML Pre-processor Vector and VA-file Builder Vectors and VA-file

20 The PDA Client The four main components Control component Main window Video window Image window

21 The PDA Client Main Window HTML Viewer Supported by system provided DLL Interface for information displaying User event will pass to control component to handle

22 The PDA Client Video/Audio window Supported by system provided COM Object Display video to user Image Window Using to display image Points highlight feature Using as query input interface, user can select a rectangular area as query input

23 The PDA Client Why using HTML viewer as main interface Provide feasibility to different servers using their own interface HTML is widely used and designed for display information. Why using system provide components Simplify the program and slim the program size These component is optimized

24 Work Done and Possible Improvement

25 Work Done 2001 July ~ Aug Study different wireless network Study different PDA platform Build a trial application on Pocket PC 2001 Sep ~ Dec Design the application and system architecture Build the Packet PC client

26 Work Done 2002 Jan ~ April Study the searching algorithm Build the server Continue implement the Pocket PC client

27 Possible Improvement At Server Side: relevance feedback (improvement on query) caching (better performance) At Client side: enhancement on the Main window, Image window and Video window


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