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Poster Presentations Measurements lab.

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1 Poster Presentations Measurements lab

2 Logistics When: check schedule
What: present a poster during “poster session” to all students in group TURN IN ANSWERS TO QUESTIONS ALSO (worth 10 points) Where: break out room Who: your group will present your poster to the other students (who are also presenting posters). Planning on taking 5-7 minutes or so to orient the audience to the poster, and then allow viewing time and questions

3 How to make a Poster Use powerpoint to create a custom sized document (under menu page set-up) that is 36 inches by 36 inches If you think you need more room, you may go to a poster size of 3 feet height, 4 feet width Title goes across top of poster, use a font of 118 pt (!), author names under the title, use a font of 40 pt Text font should be at least ~28 pt and header should be 40 point font References text can be smaller (minimum 16 pt)

4 What to put on poster You must have: Objectives
Background (physics, big picture, not from the procedure or background documentation - go do some research!) Methods with schematic Results Discussion Conclusion References Remember, references are cited on your poster

5 How to make it a good poster
Include pictures, graphics Use color (for fonts too, charts) Consider how to organize spatially - should be easy to follow Consider putting results right in the middle of poster Remember to make sure graphics can be view from a couple of feet back

6 Where to print Print at the ITLL on a 3 x 3 poster sheet
It will cost you $6 x 3 = $18

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