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Library Survival Tips University of Arizona Libraries February 2008.

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1 Library Survival Tips University of Arizona Libraries February 2008

2 Outline Welcome! v General Info about the UA Libraries v FAQs & Concerns v RefWorks v Citation Index Searching v Setting Up Journal Alerts / Search Updates

3 UA Libraries and Collections Main Library Main Library Government Documents Government Documents Map Collection Map Collection Special Collections Special Collections Science-Engineering Library Science-Engineering Library (SEL) Science-Engineering Library Fine Arts Library Fine Arts Library (includes Architecture, CCP, and Music) Fine Arts Library Center for Creative Photography (CCP) Center for Creative Photography (CCP)

4 Main Library Includes information resources for: Social Sciences BusinessEducation Fine Arts and Humanities Asian and Arabic language materials Specialized resources include: Government publications Maps Films, Videos & DVDs Microfilm & Microfiche Newspapers

5 Science-Engineering Library Includes information resources for: Physical Sciences Life Sciences AgricultureEngineering Military Sciences

6 Other Campus Libraries Arizona Health Sciences Library Arizona Health Sciences Library (AHSL) Arizona Health Sciences Library Law Library Law Library Miscellaneous reading rooms / departmental collections Economic and Business Research Library Economic and Business Research Library (EBR) Economic and Business Research Library Optical Sciences Library Optical Sciences Library Lunar & Planetary Sciences (LPL) Library Lunar & Planetary Sciences (LPL) LibraryEtc. Arizona Historical Society Library Arizona Historical Society Library Arizona State Museum Library Arizona State Museum Library

7 Location of UA Libraries

8 Frequently Asked Questions &Concernsabout Using the Library

9 ► ► Frustration:   I don't think I use it properly.   Sometimes I end up with too many articles or too few of them depending on what I put in the blank.   I can’t seem to find the correct references. I am comfortable only if someone states the reference or tells me exactly what to look for. If I have to search a database on my own, I'd be lost   Not knowing how to use all of the tools at my disposal.   lexis-nexis is very fussy. searching through the congressional records is also very confusing b/c of the setup ► ► Want to learn:   How to search for what I'm looking for more effectively.   How to be more efficient.   How to search efficiently and find what you need without finding the same things over and over again that you don't want

10 Librarians – Subject Specialists / Department Liaisons ► Tip: To identify amazing librarians who are here to help you, review the list of subject specialists list of subject specialistslist of subject specialists (

11 Online Catalog Comment: ► I have used it before, but an in depth tutorial would be helpful. Tip: Learn more about searching the UA Libraries catalog by using the UA Library Catalog Tutorial ( tml) tml tml

12 Finding Dissertations, Theses, etc.  I have no problem with books, but don't know well about news articles, electronic books, thesis or dissertation etc. Tip: For information on finding different kinds of resources, including dissertations, films, videos, DVDs, maps, etc., visit the “How Do I …?” page “How Do I …?” page“How Do I …?” page

13 Problems with catalog records ► Sometimes, I fear that the catalogue is not updated or accurate.  Tip: Let us know about problems using the feedback form ( or contact the librarian who is the subject specialist or liaison for your department feedback form specialist feedback form specialist (

14 Suggesting new titles ► If UA does not have access to certain journal, is it possible to students/faculties to request to acquiring such access? Tip: Suggest new titles for the collection by contacting the librarian who is subject specialist or liaison for your department.

15 Interlibrary Loan (ILL) ► Yes, the staff have been most helpful and I have been able to obtain almost all my copies and readings through ILL or online. ► I have completed my undergraduate here at UA thus I am familiar with many of the facilities in the UA libraries. I absolutely love what our library has to offer, and it's really quite incredible the amount of offerings it really does have. I love the interlibrary loan service. ► Would like to learn more about interlibrary loan (2) ► Frustration:  When I desperately need an article and the catalog indicates that it's available in the library and I find out that U of A stopped subscribing to the journal.  When they don't have that article available  When you don't have the journals I need.  When you can see the title of the article but not access it. It would be paid journal.

16 Interlibrary Loan Tip: For more information about Interlibrary Loan, visit the ILL Services page ILL Services pageILL Services page

17 Full-text Online Access to Information Resources ► Frustration: having to go to the library ► Frustration: not all journals are online Tip: Use the Libraries’ Express Documents service! Express Documents now offers free ($0!) electronic delivery of articles and book chapters to all UA-affiliated customers. Fees ($) are charged for delivery of hard-copy books. Find out more at Express Documents service Documents service

18 Off-Campus Access  Frustration: The accessibility of the library resources from off-campus. It's rather frustrating to have to punch in my catcard number every time I open a new window or want to start a new search. I have heard VPN (virtual personal Net) might be away to bypass this re-entering password process. I would love to learn how to use VPN.

19 Off-Campus Access ► Tip: If you are using your own computer from off-campus, you can install the campus VPN software on your computer and use it to connect to library databases & full-text online resources via the campus network campus VPN software campus VPN software  The VPN software is available for UA CCIT at  Please contact CCIT for support (621-HELP or  Once the VPN software is installed and you log in to the campus network, you can connect directly to licensed databases and full- text online resources without entering your CatCard number. ► Tip: For help with connecting to Library databases, visit help with connecting to Library databases with connecting to Library databases

20 Google Scholar  I use google scholar to search. It is a lot easier. Google Scholar Google Scholar ( enables specific searches of scholarly literature, including peer-reviewed papers, theses, books, pre-prints, abstracts, and technical reports. Content includes a range of publishers and aggregators with whom Google already has standing arrangements. Google Scholar

21 Google Scholar ► Tip: Note that not all material to which the UA Library subscribes will be available directly through Google Scholar. If you find references to materials in Google Scholar without full text links, please consult the UA Library catalog or our list of online journals. UA Library cataloglist of online journals UA Library cataloglist of online journals ► Tip: For off-campus access to UA subscribed content, you must configure your Google Scholar preferences for the University of Arizona. To configure your Google Scholar preferences for the University of Arizona:  Select "Scholar Preferences"  Under Institutional Access, select "University of Arizona“ ► Tip: To export citations from Google Scholar to RefWorks you must either be on campus or connect via the UA Library web pages. You also need to set your Google Scholar preferences for “Bibliography Manager” to show links to import citations into RefWorks.

22 Bibliographic Management Software ► RefWorks – FAQs ( ex.html) FAQs ex.htmlFAQs ex.html ► EndNote – EndNote Tutorial ( 001.pdf) EndNote Tutorial 001.pdfEndNote Tutorial 001.pdf ► For assistance with either - Contact your subject specialist librarian. subject specialist librarian. subject specialist librarian.

23 Citation Index Searching Web of Science Web of Science Databases: Web of Science ► Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975-present) ► Science Citation Index (1900 – present) ► Social Sciences Citation Index (1956 – present) The unique and valuable feature of the Web of Science databases is the cited reference searching. You can take an author or specific article and find out who has been citing that person and/or paper.

24 Citation Index Searching ► Web of Science / Science Citation Index UA Library Tutorial UA Library TutorialUA Library Tutorial ► Web of Science vendor tutorial vendor tutorialvendor tutorial

25 Journal Alerts / Search Alerts Many databases or electronic journal collections allow users to set up “alerts” where you will be automatically notified by email when a new issue of the journal appears online or when new articles that match your search strategy appear in the database.

26 ScienceDirect ScienceDirectScienceDirect is the Elsevier online journal collection. You can set up search alerts, topic alerts, journal/issue alerts, and citation alerts. However, you must first establish a free, personal ScienceDirect account. ScienceDirect For more information, visit the ScienceDirect Help files and scroll down in the Contents list to “Alerts”. Help files Help files

27 Web of Science Alerts ► You can save a search history locally to your own computer or network or to the ISI Web of Knowledge server. A locally saved history can be opened and run against updates to the data. Server Save allows you to set alerts and easily open and manage your search histories. This process can be used for both General and Cited Reference searches.

28 Web of Science Alerts ► As with other databases or journal collections that offer alert services, you must establish a free, personal account with Web of Science / ISI in order to set up alerts. ► Each week or month, depending on your specified alert period, you will receive an e-mail containing the results which match your search criteria. For Citation Alerts, you will only be notified if the article you selected was cited.

29 Library Services Library Hours Library Hours Reserves – Info for students; Info for faculty/instructors Info for studentsInfo for faculty/instructorsInfo for studentsInfo for faculty/instructors Express Document Services Express Document Services Express Retrieval Express Retrieval Inter Library Loan (ILL) Inter Library Loan (ILL) Ask a Librarian Ask a Librarian Subject Guides Subject Guides Citation Style Guides Citation Style Guides Laptop Connections and Library Use Laptop Connections and Library Use Projector and Laptop Loans Projector and Laptop Loans Group Study Rooms Group Study Rooms Presentation Practice Rooms Presentation Practice Rooms Information Commons Information Commons Lockers Software/Hardware Guides Guides ResumeBuilder

30 Questions? Contact your subject specialist librarian.subject specialist librarian. Check out the Libraries’ FAQ page!FAQ Contact the Reference Desk in person or use Ask a Librarian, the Library’s Virtual Chat Reference ServiceAsk a Librarian

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