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The Simple Present of To Be

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1 The Simple Present of To Be

2 Nouns: plural Regular plurals plural Singular Noun ending Books, cars
Spelling rule Noun ending Books, cars A book, a car +s Most consonants Buses Dresses Dishes Watches Boxes A bus A dress A dish A watch A box +es After s, ss,sh,ch,x Babies A baby Drop y, add-ies Consonants +y Boys A boy Add –s Vocal +y knives A knife Change to-ves f or fe

3 Nouns: plural Irregular plurals
Singular: a man, a woman, a child, a tooth, a mouse, a sheep Plural : men, women, children, teeth, mice, sheep

4 Subject pronouns plural Singular We I You they He/She/It

5 Subject pronouns+Simple Present of to be
contractions Pronoun +to be I’m a student I am a student You’re a student You are a student He’s Ali He is Ali She’s Aisha She is Aisha It’s a book It is a book We’re students We are students You’re friends You are friends They’re girls (boys) They are girls (boys)

6 Negative of to be Subject + to be (not)
I am not a teacher. or I’m not a teacher. You are not a boy. or You’re not a boy. He/She/It is not or He/She/It’s not 21. We/You/They are not teachers. or You’re not teachers.

7 To be + adjective Descriptive adjectives Nationality adjectives
A lemon is yellow (subject + to be + adjective) They are happy Nationality adjectives Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabian (saudi) Singular good woman Plural good women

8 Possessive adjectives
Pronouns possessive adjectives I my book You your house He his name She her dress It its ball We our books You your houses They their names

9 Demonstrative adjectives
Singular: this Plural: these For people and things near to us Singular: that Plural: those For people and things that are not near

10 Questions with what, where, and who
Wh-word to be subject? What is your name? What are these? Where is Ahmad? Where are you from? Who is he? Who are they? Example: What is this? This is a pen. What’s your name? My name is Laila. Where’s Ahmad? Ahmad is in school. What’re these? These are books.

11 Prepositions of place on

12 Prepositions of place in

13 Prepositions of place In front of

14 Prepositions of place behind

15 Prepositions of place under

16 Prepositions of place above

17 Prepositions of place between

18 Prepositions of place Next to

19 Prepositions of place On is also used to say on which floor someone is: She lives on the second floor At is used to talk about something or someone which is somewhere, without being very precise: He is at school

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