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2 Biotechnology: A collection of technologies

3 The Applications of Biotechnology
Medical Biotechnology Diagnostics Therapeutics Vaccines Agricultural Biotechnology Plant agriculture Animal agriculture Food processing Environmental Biotechnology Cleaning through bioremediation Preventing environmental problems Monitoring the environment

4 Plant agriculture Plant Biotechnology Crop production and protection
Genetically engineered (transgenic) crops Using biological methods to protect crops Exploiting cooperative relationships in nature Nutritional value of crops Improving food quality and safety Healthier cooking oils by decreasing the conc. Of saturated fatty acids in vegetable oils Functional foods: foods containing significant levels of biologically active components that impart health benefits Plant Biotechnology

5 Manipulating plants for the benefit of mankind
PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY Manipulating plants for the benefit of mankind Traditionally breeding tissue culture inter-specific hybridisation mapping phenotypic/biochemical markers

6 PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY a process to produce a genetically modified plant by removing genetic information from an organism, manipulating it in the laboratory and then transferring it into a plant to change certain of its characteristics . Now use a molecular approach to manipulation: molecular markers & mapping gene cloning, sequencing plant transformation genetic manipulation - transfer, silencing, up-regulation

7 Exogenous genes (non-plant genes)
pathogen-derived genes bacterial genes any other organism Exogenous genes (non-plant genes) Applications: transgenic Pathogen resistance Herbicide resistance bioreactors Delivery systems

8 Endogenous genes (Plant genes)
Enzymes in biochemical pathway Natural resistance genes Endogenous genes (Plant genes) Gene discovery (functional genomics) Mapping ESTs, libraries Silencing, expression Mutants, arrays Applications: markers transgenic Marker assisted breeding Plant improvement


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