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University of Waterloo Library : Geospatial and Map Resources Earth 231.

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1 University of Waterloo Library : Geospatial and Map Resources Earth 231

2 University Map Library About the Library A branch of UW Libraries Cartographic speciality Circulation and Reference Services Campus-wide distributor of geospatial data

3 Library Map Collection A variety of maps at different scales 1:250,000 topo : large area coverage 1:25,000 topo : city level coverage 1:10,000 and > base map: neighbourhood level 1:10,000 and > aerial photography : neighbourhood level Digital data (GIS) : varying resolutions (10cm, 30cm, 1 m)

4 Maps at the Library The Map Library’s Cartographic Collection includes: - Aerial Photographs -Ontario Base Maps (OBMs) – 1:10,000 -National Topographic System (NTS) maps -1:25,000, 1:50,000, 1:125,000, 1:250,000 -Geology and Soil maps -Other thematic maps (city, land use, zoning, historical, etc).

5 National Topographic System Maps What is a Topographic Map? Topographic maps are detailed, accurate, graphic representation of features that appear on the earth's surface. They include information like: Latitude and Longitude Elevation (contour lines) Land surface and water features Buildings, roads and railroads

6 National Topographic System Maps They are available at various scales: 1:25,000 1:50,000 1:125,000 1:250,000 The Map Library has the complete set of maps for the 1:50,000 and 1:250,000. For your course work you may want to work with the 1:50,000 scale

7 How do I find a Canadian Topographic map in the Library? If you have the NTS number you can go to the collection and retrieve the map. However, if you do not have the NTS number: 1.Using an NTS index 2.Using a Gazetteer

8 Use the NTS indexes to find the NTS map number for a place where you know its geographic location NTS index 1:50 000

9 Use the Gazetteer to find a place and its geographic location. 40P/8 is the NTS sheet for the map that covers Kitchener City. This sheet number is for NTS 1:50, 000

10 Geological Survey Publications The map library houses a large collection of geological maps. The Davis Centre Library houses most of the geological indexes and reports. Indexes will help you find maps and reports covering a specific geographic area or topic. Please see the Geological Survey Publications for Canada Library Guide for a complete list of the geological collection.

11 Geological Survey Publications cont’d The Map Library houses both Geological Survey of Canada and Ontario Geological Survey Maps. Each type of Survey has an Index map to help you find your map sheet. Many maps are also included in reports. The Geological Survey Guide (mentioned earlier) lists the Index Maps available and their location in the Library.

12 Ontario Geological Survey Maps The Map Library has Ontario Geological Survey Maps available at 1:250,000, 1 million and 1:2 million scales. The Map Library has complete coverage of Ontario at 1:250,000 scale. Also available in digital format.

13 Geological Survey of Canada The Map Library has complete coverage of Canada at the 1:1 million scale. Digital Coverage is also available.

14 How Do I find a Geological Map? The most efficient and effective way to find a geological map is through the Library catalogue, TRELLIS. TRELLIS will provide you with the call number that you need to locate the item in the map cabinets.

15 Geospatial Data on Campus Data on Campus The Map Library is a campus-wide distributor of geospatial data Data acquisition is part of the Library’s Geospatial Data Services - also includes reference, training, workshops, presentations, and help guides Support for classroom needs – data packages

16 Data is available to the entire UW campus for academic purposes Most of the data is currently available only in the Map Library due to licensing restrictions The Map Library is equipped with ArcGIS software as well as several GIS-related and supporting software The University of Waterloo has a site license for ESRI’S ArcGIS You may request a copy from UW’s IT department : contact name is Sandra Laughlin ( There is a departmental charge of $200 per

17 Accessing Geospatial Data Access data from the Map Library during reference hours Bring storage media with you or work on project in the Library. Please be prepared : knowledge of site location, index numbers, if relevant A data release form must be signed. Sharing your files with classmates and others violates the data release agreement

18 What kinds of data does the Library have? Large collection of local and national data Includes orthoimagery, topographical, hydrological, geological, census data, street data, soils, land use, parcels, and more Many resources are now available on the web Our webpage outlines and describes every dataset : Examples of OGS Map Outputs…

19 OGS Map Outputs Bedrock1 Bedrock2 Quaternary1 Quaternary2

20 Electronic Geological Sheets (pdf format) Geological map sheets are available electronically on the internet. Specific sheets have been downloaded for you and placed on our website in pdf format.

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