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CHAPTER 8 External Selection I.

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1 CHAPTER 8 External Selection I

2 Preliminary Issues The Logic of Prediction The Nature of Predictors
Development of the Selection Plan Selection Sequence

3 Nature of Predictors CONTENT FORM Speed vs. Power
Paper and Pencil vs. Performance Objective vs. Essay Oral vs. Written vs. Computer


5 Selection Sequence

6 Initial Assessment Methods
Resumes and Cover Letters Application Blanks Biographical Information – Biodata Reference Reports Handwriting Analysis Literacy Testing Genetic Screening Initial Interview

7 Application Blanks Level of Education GPA Quality of School
Major Field of Study Extracurricular Activities Training and Experience Requirements Licensing, Certification, and Job Knowledge

8 Biodata (See Ex. 8.5, 8.6, pgs. 375-376) History Externality
Objectivity First handedness Discreteness Verifiability Controllability Equal accessibility Job relevance Invasiveness



11 Reference Reports Letters of Recommendation Reference Checks
Background Testing


13 Handwriting Analysis Literacy Testing Genetic Screening

14 Initial Interview Video and computer interviews Evaluation

15 Choice of Initial Assessment Methods (See Fig. 8.10,p 392)
Use Cost Reliability Validity Utility Applicant Reactions Adverse Impact

16 See Page 392

17 Legal Issues Disclaimers Reference Checks Preemployment Inquiries
Bona Fide Occupational Qualifications





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