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What is the purpose of the Interactive Notebook?

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1 What is the purpose of the Interactive Notebook?
The purpose of the Interactive Student Notebook is to enable you to be a creative, independent thinker and writer. Interactive notebooks will be used for class notes as well as for other activities in which you will be asked to express your own ideas and process the information presented in class. The information in your Notebook can also be used to study for tests and is a portfolio of what you learned Social Studies class.

2 What goes in my notebook?
Everything we do in class. The Right side of the notebook is used to record class notes (directed to you by the teacher) The Left side of the notebook is used to record your personal responses. This helps you understand ideas your own way GOAL!!!! Creative Independent Thinking!!!




6 Examples for creating a Left (Student Response) Page in the Interactive Notebook
visual intelligence through such elements as graphs, maps, illustrations, pictowords, and visual metaphors; their musical intelligence by composing song lyrics or reacting to a piece of music;

7 More examples…. Self Smarts by reflecting on the ways social studies topics affect them personally through letters, journals, feelings People Smarts by recording group discussions and group project notes; Numbers-Logic Smarts through sequencing (order) and the use of timelines, graphs, and charts.

8 How will my Notebook be Graded?
Notebooks will be graded on completeness, quality, organization, and visual appearance. Notebooks will usually be graded at the end of a chapter/unit and you will be given a rubric to show how to earn possible points. Your notebook should be NEAT! Each entry should be title and dated. Your own creativity should be visible (and colorful!) throughout the notebook.

9 What happens if I am absent?
If you are absent, it is YOUR responsibility to obtain notebook assignments from a classmate and/or ask Miss Pertschi for missing work or handouts. The Interactive Notebook is so much cooler than just taking notes!!!!!

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