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By:Brittany Rudebeck and Amy Valleskey. What is Socialcast?  Socialcast- is an enterprise collaboration platform that unites your company’s people, data,

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1 By:Brittany Rudebeck and Amy Valleskey

2 What is Socialcast?  Socialcast- is an enterprise collaboration platform that unites your company’s people, data, and applications.  Helps engage employees to communicate better and gather more knowledge  Like a Facebook, but for businesses only  Was founded in 2005 by Timothy Young  Created to deploy social software to thousands of companies and to provide a better customer service  Aims to make companies more productive

3 Leadership Team  Timothy Young: Founder and CEO  Scott Magrath: Vice President, Operations  Tauseef Bashier: Vice President, Sales  Matt Wilkinson: Vice President, Product  Sean Cashin: Director of Engineering  All of them have respectable degrees and have many years of experience which helps with them being so successful

4 Highlights of Socialcast  Overview of Main Features  Activity Streams- unites employees/people together with the data  Enterprise Microblogging- where people can update their status, ask questions, make comments, or post ideas.  Mobile Accessibility- you can work from home or away from the office.  Analytics – measures the strength of your businesses network  Premium Administration Tools- you can customize and control your own network

5 Highlights Cont.  Premium Security- meet specific regulations  Town Hall Extension- brings executives and employees together  SharePoint Web- where people can chat and be social  Directory Integration- sync your accounts together in the network  Main Features in a little more detail

6 Activity Streams  Inside of every company, there are so many forms of data and places where it comes from that a lot of it can get lost  Activity Streams are the solution to the overflow of information problem  It unites people, data, and applications in one place  The stream is a lot like a company social network where everyone will have up to date information right as it is happening  Activity Streams fundamentally change how companies do business, unlocking the vast amount of information generated by everyday operations and making it instantly available across previously defined boundaries  The Activity Streams have become a vital tool for collaboration

7 Enterprise Microblogging  This is going to be a lot like what you have seen on Twitter  You can post status updates, questions, ideas, and let colleagues know what you are up to  Create threaded, context-rich discussions with real-time commenting and collaboration  Upload documents, presentations, photos and links for everyone to see and discuss  Organize messages with tags and flag posts for follow-up, making information easy to find when you need it

8 Mobile Accessibility  iPhone, Blackberry, and Android applications available for immediate download from your community  Receive notifications about important messages, and keep track of unread messages when on the road  Launch calls and email messages directly from employee profiles that list contact information  Upload attachments from your phone into your community, including photos, documents and videos (videos on iPhone 3GS only)

9 Analytics  Social Business Intelligence gives companies the power of data to make decisions and evaluate the success of their collaboration initiatives.  Organizational network analysis  Posting and response behavior over time  Lurking and listening activity analysis, surfacing the invisible facets of network adoption  Find where each employee fits into the social graph based on their connections and activity  Reward top collaborators and the most interesting and influential employees  Interactivity patterns between users

10 How it can help your Company  Creates an awareness of what everyone is doing, saying, and thinking; so they can all communicate better  Your company can work together without sitting in the same office room  Employees and Executives can collaborate their ideas/knowledge  Helps to bring focus and to move the company forward

11 Customer Support  Customer Service is their main concern  They promise swift response to any problems that occur with their system  They have an online support center where you can chat with them to get immediate help

12 Socialcast Offers 3 Different Product Packages 1. Basic Package – to sign up is free and your company can create a community to explore the basic features and concepts 2. Small Business Package- charge a price of $3 per user, per month, for companies with up to 1,000 employees using the network 3. Enterprise Package- where price depends on your company's specific requirements with 1,001- 200,000 employees using the network

13 Companies that use Socialcast  Nokia  More than 14,000 of their employees use Socialcast and in 120 different countries  Helped them save time, collaborate faster, and communicate more easily.  Philips Electronics  United thousands of their employees around the world and has improved their practices  The employees have a better commitment and well-being for its customers and the company

14 Companies Cont.  NASA  Opened a private social community for their employees to socialize, ask/answer questions or ideas to reach a better collective knowledge.  Humana  28,000 associates committed to finding solutions for their customers and consumers  Offers employee communication in the secure healthcare industy

15 Job Opportunities offered at Socialcast  Sales and Marketing Positions  Inside Sales Managers  Direct Sales Managers  Regional Sales Managers  Enterprise Account Managers  Customer Support Managers  Junior and Senior Marketing Managers  Engineering and Product Positions  Senior and Junior Support Engineers  Flex Engineers

16 Benefits of Working with Socialcast  Competitive Salaries  Full Benefits  Stock Options  Life Insurance and health savings plan  Company Issued Macs and iPhones

17 Video Overview  html html

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