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FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 1 e-Beams System Update Linac System Preparing for downtime installation. Injector System Installation has started. Undulator System.

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1 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 1 e-Beams System Update Linac System Preparing for downtime installation. Injector System Installation has started. Undulator System Moving into production. Controls System development advancing.

2 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 2 SLAC linac tunnel research yard Linac-0 L =6 m Linac-1 L  9 m Linac-2 L  330 m Linac-3 L  550 m BC1 L  6 m BC2 L  22 m DL2 L =275 m ‘Wall region’ undulator L =130 m 6 MeV 135 MeV 250 MeV4.30 GeV13.6 GeV Linac-X L =0.6 m 21-1 b,c,d...existing linac L0-a,b rf gun 21-3b24-6d X 25-1a30-8c Injector, 8-11 ’06 down Linac, 2007 down Linac Installation Schedule

3 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 3 Linac Install during August - November 2006 Downtime Schedule very tight, seems to be on track Additional designer manpower Monitoring SLAC shops, using outside shops Monitoring progress very closely In case of conflict with Injector, we must finish the installation in the SLAC Linac housing during the down Engineering effort has been moved in that direction Talks by Eric Bong and Carl Rago

4 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 4 Injector Beamline Installation Drive Laser May 2006 Laser Launch July 2006 Gun Region July 2006 Accel Region June 2006 Heater Region June 2006 Wall Region October 2005 Injection Region Aug-Nov 2006 Spect Region Aug-Nov 2006 Waveguide through wall and up penetration October 2005 Gun installation November 2006 Following Hot Test in Klystron Lab Injector Installation Complete December 2006 dates slipping

5 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 5 Injector Installation has begun Most components are being/have been fabricated There are some items still in design (eg. stands, water) Finish Injector installation for 12/06 commissioning Injector installation is being pushed into the downtime – resources will be limited. Looking at alternate resources. Talks by Eric Bong and Carl Rago

6 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 6 Injector Installation Sub-floor cable tray and supports

7 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 7 Injector Gun fabrication Gun to be hot tested by Klystron Dept. prior to installation (8/1 start). Talk by Dave Dowell Drive Laser development Fabrication at Thales is proceeding Good progress on safety system approval. Installation conflicts Talk by Bill White

8 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 8 Undulator Systems There is fine progress at ANL First article Undulators received from the two vendors Work on the SUT, RF BPMs, … is proceeding

9 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 9 Undulator Group Assistant Manager Rodd Pope Responsible for assembly, integration and installation of the Undulator system at SLAC Interface with the Argonne LCLS Undulator Group on Undulator components Working with Metrology group for Undulator tuning, precision assembly and installation Controls group for the specification and installation of infrastructure. Conventional Facilities group ensuring the environmental stability of the tunnel and the MMF

10 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 10 Preparing for undulator/girder assembly Mag. Meas. Fac. BO complete 1 st article undulator due at SLAC 7/06 Test bench for magnetic meas. due 6/06 By air freight to maintain schedule CMM for precision alignment due 5/06 Wire Position Monitoring, Hydrostatic Leveling systems are under development at SLAC Hardware integrated with Girder design, and the SUT. Readout integrated with Controls Metrology Talk by Zack Wolf

11 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 11 New Head of LCLS Controls Hamid Shoaee Arrived in January LANCE Controls Group Leader Recent experience with SNS Linac control system and the SNS Controls and Automation group Previously in the SLAC Controls Dept.

12 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 12 PPS/BCS Development and Integration Manager Mike Saleski Responsible for PPS and BCS System design and reviews Radiation shielding design Stoppers and stopper systems’ design Approval by the SLAC citizen committees

13 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 13 PPS Review Path PPS Global SCR: Nov 18, 2005 Injector (linac+BSY) Informal PDR: Feb ’06 Injector (linac+BSY) FDR: April 27th RSC subcommittee: Functional Requirements Review: March 29 th RSC subcommittee: Safety Lifecycle Review: April 14 th RSC subcommittee: Technical Review: May RSC full committee: June From Mike Saleski’s talk.

14 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 14 Injector Accelerator Readiness Review Safety Assessment Document (SAD) LCLS will be integrated into the SLAC Linear Accelerator Facility SAD. Accelerator Readiness Review (ARR) LCLS ARR for Injector Commissioning will build on device and system design reviews. LCLS Commissioning/Operations Working Group The Working Group’s role is to coordinate the execution of these tasks and assure the plan is met.

15 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 15 LLRF and RF hardware Klystron dept. design and fabrication of critical LLRF hardware, RF gun, X-band klystron, RF diagnostics Power Conversion Specifying, purchasing and installing magnet power systems. Controls and Power Electronics Cable plant, vacuum systems, BPM electronics. High level application development. PPS/BCS development. Radiation Physics Shielding analysis for Conventional Facilities Simulations for Stopper and Beam Dump designs Metrology Strong support from the Metrology group for Undulator assembly Shops and Accelerator Dept. Operations Successful October downtime coordination and installation. Recovery of hardware from SLC Arcs and FFTB Strong Support for LCLS from SLAC groups

16 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 16 LCLS will employ state-of-the-art diagnostics: RF BPMs, CSR BLM, EO monitors, OTR screens, X-ray diagnostics… This development is currently being done by LCLS Engineers and Physicists, with help from SLAC experts. Technical expertise for diagnostics should be held in a dedicated group, within a SLAC/LCLS Controls group, with sufficient resources to form a ‘critical mass’. Diagnostics development

17 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 17 Looking forward BO dates from Turner Can installation be advanced?

18 FAC, 4/20/06 D. Schultz 18 end

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