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Psychology as a Science

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1 Psychology as a Science

2 The Goal of Psychology : Empirical study of human behavior and cognition.
To describe….. To understand …. To predict…. To control ….

3 Where and What…. Philosophy Physiology + new ideas Psychology
How the mind works How the body works How the mind and body influence : feelings, thoughts, and actions.

4 Early “isms” of Psychology
Structuralism Wilhelm Wundt Structure of consciousness [mind] Introspection Functionalism William James How consciousness helped us to evolve Influenced by Darwinism p. 9

5 Early “isms” of Psychology
Behaviorism John Watson & B.F. Skinner Focus only on what is observable Narrowed and Extended the field Other Influences Freud and the unconscious Humanistic Psychologist Cognitive Revolution and technology p. 9

6 Psychology Today Who are Psychologists? What are Psychologist?
Clinicians Counselors Instructors Consultants/Coaches Legal/Medical fields Schools/Measurement What are Psychologist? First and foremost, psychologists are investigators. Role as problem solver whether it be disorders or explain human interaction.

7 Grand Issues of Psychology
Stability vs. Change Nature vs. Nurture Rational vs. Irrational

8 Major Perspectives of Psychology
Description Behavioral Overt behavior and learned responses. Cognitive Internal structures of the mind, thoughts, and beliefs. Biological Biological events behind behavior. Evolutionary Influence of evolved psychological mechanisms, how they advantageous. Developmental Change in behavior and cognitive processes over the life-span Psychodynamic The role of the unconscious and internal states Social &Cultural The dual influence of the society and culture on our perspectives and behavior. p. 12

9 Different Perspective…. Different Questions….
Depression Smoking Weight Control Low Productivity

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