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MICE: Hall Infrastructure Chris Nelson CEng CM16 8 th Oct 2006.

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1 MICE: Hall Infrastructure Chris Nelson CEng CM16 8 th Oct 2006

2 2 Contents Hall Preparation – Small but important! Major Civil items – about to start… Electrical supplies Vac Enclosure area Radiation shielding Magnetic modelling results Hall Layout Changes 3D model Central Drawing database Conclusions

3 3 Hall Preparation Many Small but important preparatory steps –Rubbish rad surveyed and removed (inside & outside)…

4 4 Hall Preparation Old equipment identified and removed…

5 5 Hall Preparation Hazards removed –Many holes in floor plates repaired Cranes modified - small 0.5 tonne beam hoists fitted (Easier, & go closer to edge of hall) Redundant items removed… –Water pipes across hall and blocking trench –LOI power supplies –Cables stripped out of trench –Lights on trench beams to be moved (prevent removal of beams)

6 6 Hall Preparation Monitors moved, cables re-routed…

7 7 Hall Preparation Cellar details –Old magnet stands investigated – activity checked –Permission to pour Concrete around them in 3 layers, 3 days setting in-between each layer –Misc ducts checked –Electrical lights to be removed –Drain investigated –Account taken of old metal inserts in roof

8 8 Preparation – CDM Area Many discussions on CDM area Hall is to become CDM area from next week when work starts Access to named people CDM supervisor appointed – Nigel Weeks

9 9 Major Civil Items Linac stairs –Starting next week Cellar –Quote expected very soon Trench strengthening Paused to consider strengthening all for forklift - but too difficult & expensive. New scheme with better trapdoor arrangement and handrails drawn – out for quote

10 10 Major Civil Items Magnetic shielding wall –Now have baseline thicknesses: 35mm for Flip mode 2 x 35mm for Solenoid mode –Flip mode shielding to be fitted initially –Option to fit Solenoid shielding when required –Slight change to platform area Based 1010 steel – Need to check? These Changes to be added quickly to drawings & get quotes

11 11 Electrical Electrical power –Distribution requirements discussed with ISIS electrical section –Layout drawings being produced

12 12 Vacuum enclosure area Problem of removing material resolved by new gantry design concept

13 13 Radiation shielding Thickness requirements now defined (by Paul) Mechanical layout about to start Blocks available @ DL –previously checked & counted –Clean-up, lifting points, transport

14 14 Magnetic Modelling

15 15 Magnetic shielding results Flip mode

16 16 Magnetic shielding results Flip mode (cont.)

17 17 Magnetic shielding results Solenoid mode

18 18 Magnetic shielding results Solenoid mode (cont.)

19 19 Hall Layout Several changes have been required: Magnetic shielding now longer Linde cryogenic plant moved along Radiation shielding altered

20 20 Hall Layout

21 21 Hall Layout RF layout

22 22 Hall Layout New Mezzanine floor / power supplies

23 23 Overall Hall Layout

24 24 3D model

25 25 3D model

26 26 Drawing database Web site to be used Wing/Stephanie have set up database for Oxford items RAL website being set up Drgs/change notes/models from Oxford & Imperial will be added to test it

27 27 Conclusions Many small obstacles resolved Magnetic shield defined & performance verified Civil Engineering programme about to start New mezzanine floor identified, and space allocated for power supplies & all known racks

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