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The Next Billion-Dollar Brand. Getting to know Zija Lindon, Utah, USA November 2006 Debt Free Company NOW: US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Australia.

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1 The Next Billion-Dollar Brand

2 Getting to know Zija Lindon, Utah, USA November 2006 Debt Free Company NOW: US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Philippines, Australia Zija Momentum 2011 and beyond Europe, Asia, South America

3 New Zija Corporate Headquarters

4 Zija Born Of A 1-Hour Documentary Aired On:

5 Ken Brailsford Founder and Chairman of Zija Foundation of the Management Team Over 35 years in Direct Sales Created Multiple $100 Million Companies Proven Success Record Discovery Channel Documentary on Moringa oleifera

6 Rod Larsen Zijas CEO and President Previously a senior executive at other leading network marketing companies Rod's experience in operations, project management, business development and strategy qualify him to lead the corporate team responsible for supporting Zija's amazing Independent Distributors.

7 Moringa a Natural Fusion of Nutrients 46 Antioxidants 36 Anti-Inflammatories Omegas 3, 6 and 9 20 Amino Acids including 9 essential Amino Acids our bodies dont produce In all, over 90 verifiable, positive health benefits

8 Incredible Unprecedented 3 rd Party Validation Documentation Beats Conversation

9 Zija Is First To Market For Moringa Based Products

10 Russ Bianchi Zijas Product Formulator

11 Zija Products

12 64% of Americans… over the age of 20 are overweight… United States Center for Disease Control ( 60% of adult Canadians… are overweight… Statistics Canada ( The prevalence of overweight [people] in Mexico is over 60%… US Institutes of Health ( North America is OVERWEIGHT! ZIJA OVERVIEW

13 Zijas Weight Management System Our proven, five-component system helps you achieve your weight loss goals using Moringa nutrition, aided by key elements that help you slim down and detoxify your body. Zijas Weight Management System works best with daily exercise and healthy diet choices. Everyones body and needs are unique. We urge you to follow general guidelines and then adjust for your own bodys optimum weight loss experience. ZIJA OVERVIEW





18 Rebekah Preston Gloucester, VA I started on the product right away, I lost 7 pounds in 2 weeks, and in a very short time, I noticed an enormous difference in the way I felt.

19 Howard Fisher Maria Rudnick Toronto, ON

20 Maria August 17, 2011 China January 1, 2012 Cabo San Lucas Dr. Howard Fisher Toronto, ON

21 Our Business Model: Why Network Distribution?

22 If you follow 100 people from age 25 to 65, here are a few statistics: Where will you be at age 65?

23 NETWORKING Direct Selling Generates $110 billion worldwide Over 300,000 people worldwide joining the direct- selling industry each month 61 million people worldwide in the industry doing business in more than 170 countries

24 Ways You Can Benefit Today Time freedom and flexible hours Low risk and investment Tax and travel benefits Start on a part-time basis

25 On to The Right Track Getting Started The Right Way:

26 Zija Builder 1 SystemZija Builder 2 System

27 8 Ways to Earn

28 STEP 1 Get started with a ZIJA Builder System (includes marketing website and Back Office Management Suite) ACTIVE PV ACTIVE PV BECOME ACTIVE WITH AUTOSHIP (approximate cost depending on products) ZIJA PERSONAL SYSTEM $330 ZIJA BUILDER SYSTEM 2 $1,320 ZIJA BUILDER SYSTEM 1 $660

29 STEP 2 Personally enroll two (2) Distributors Become Qualified Dual-Team Strategy ACTIVE 75 10% ACTIVE % Now Money FIRST ORDER BONUS (FOB)

30 Team 250 Team 250 is a program that allows Zija Distributors to earn a free AutoShip by completing certain requirements.

31 Building a Business with Autoship Monthly auto delivery ($90-$250 USD) for personal and business use Save time and money Foundation of your business success

32 All references to income, implied or stated, through the Zija Compensation Plan are for demonstration purposes only. Zija does NOT guarantee any level of income or earnings to any distributor. Earnings from the Zija Compensation Plan solely depend on each distributor's skill, ability, and personal application. THE POWER OF 2 Residual Income (Based on 125 GV AutoShip) Period Lesser Leg GV ,024 2,048 4,096 GV ,000 2,000 4,000 8,000 16,000 32,000 64, , , ,000 15% TC* $18.75 $37.5 $75 $150 $300 $600 $1,200 $2,400 $4,800 $9,600 $19,200 $38,400 $76,800 *Does not include: New volume leadership check match diamond bonus profit participation program.

33 STEP 3 Promoting Team Building TEAM COMMISSIONS = Up To 15%

34 Training & Support Training, tools, and support make Zija easier than you think Conference Calls, Webinars, Brochures, Magazines, DVDs and CDs Live trainings: local, regional, national and international events

35 Zija University

36 Everything is in place for your success Amazing products from a miracle plant Stable and debt-free Company Exploding wellness industry Seasoned management Perfect timing

37 The Importance of Timing

38 Where Do You See Yourself? As a preferred customer? As a small business owner? As a big business owner?

39 Secure Your Financial Future

40 Get Back With The Person Who Invited You! Take advantage of the Zija opportunity Disclaimer: All statements are personal experiences of each individual and are not a guarantee. Each person will earn based on effort, skill and time invested. The Zija products have not been evaluated by the FDA. These products do not cure and or mitigate disease. It is unlawful to make such promises or claims.

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