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Front office operations

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1 Front office operations
The front office functions: 1- Reservation 2- Registration 3- Room and Rate assignment 4- Guest service 5- Room status 6- Maintenance and Settlement of guest accounts 7- Creation of guest history records The front office develops and maintains a comprehensive data base of guest information, coordinate guest service, and ensure guest satisfaction.

2 Organization Large hotel organize the front office according to function, with different employees handling separate area.

3 Work shifts The workload for the front office employees is 40-hour weekly in most hotels. Day shift A.M. – 3 P.M. Evening shift P.M. – 11 P.M. Night shift P.M. – 7 A.M.

4 Job Description Job description is list of all the tasks that compose a work position. Job descriptions include: Outline reporting relationships Responsibilities Working conditions Equipment and materials to be used Other important information specific to the place of employees.

5 Job Description To be most effective:
J.D. should be customized to the operational procedures of a specific lodging property J.D. should be task oriented, they should be written for a position, not for a particular employee. J.D. will become date and inappropriate as work assignments change, so they should be reviewed at least once a year for possible revision. Employees should be involved in writing and revising their job descriptions. Written J.D. can minimize employee anxiety by specifying the chain of command and the responsibilities of the job.

6 Job Description Well-written Job Description can be used:
In evaluation job performance. As an aid in training or retraining employees. To prevent unnecessary duplication of duties. To ensure that each job task is performed. To determine appropriate staffing levels.

7 Job Description Finally each employee in the front office department should be given a copy of the J.D. for his/her position, even before an employment.

8 Job specification

9 Room Division Room division is the most important department in the hotel in the term of providing quality guest service, because this division has a high degree of guest contact. And create the impression of a quality experience for the guest. The room division prepares its product (guest room) for the guest to stay. For example if the guest room does not meet the guest expectation, then there is a lack of quality will be perceived by the guest. Room division consists Housekeeping Reservations Front office Uniformed service (bell captain include :bell staff, valet parking personnel, doorpersons) Transportation Private branch exchange (PBX)- switchboard/telephone operators Concierges (making reservation on airline, arrange babysitter, any other services out of the hotel which it can help the guest)

10 Room Division The structure of the room division is vary from hotel to hotel and the variations come from the differences in the: The size of the hotel Type of the service and Level of the service provided by different hotels The geographic location Local workforce skill levels The organization preferences of management The three major subdepartments in the room division: 1- security 2- Front office (F.O.) 3- housekeeping (H.K.) These subdepartments come under the control of the room division manager.

11 Room Division The duties of room division manager:
Responsible for the supervision of employees engaged in the operation of the front area of the hotel Coordinates with other departments in the hotel and maintains open communication with them to good service for the guest Maintains responsibility for staffing, purchasing, and budgeting. supervises the room division payroll, availability control and monthly plans Develops guideline and standers operating procedures to carry out the policies of the room division Create plans to maximize the average daily rate and percentage of occupancy Handless customer complaints and suggestions Stay up to date with events taking place in the market, in the market segments, and in the competition.

12 Front office Front office department include front desk, reservation, PBX, uniformed service, concierges. Each of these area is important in create a positive experience for the guest of the hotel. Each of these area create an environmental that will provide the highest level of guest services.

13 Front office The duties of front office manager:
Supervise the department Monitor guest service assists the room division manager in compiling جمعinformation for reports Assists in the training of front office employees. Prepares the daily payrollسجل رواتب report, VIP room assignments توزيعات, and out of order rooms report. Assists the RDM in the formulation and implementation of front office policies and procedures. Prepare the weekly schedule of employees Reviews and approves يوافق علىall room move and room rate changes Handless guest complains and follows them up to reduce future complains Assists the RDM in forecasting room availability to ensure that the optimal level of occupancy is attained .

14 Front Desk Open 24 hours per day , 7 day in the week , and 365 days in the year. And this is the center of the hotel. The place where the guest get the information, to get help, register most of their complains. It is the front desk manager function which include check-in and check-out procedures.

15 Front office operations
There are four stage for guest cycle: 1- Pre-Arrival 2- Arrival 3- Occupancy 4- Departure

16 Pre-Arrival The guest chooses the hotel during the pre-arrival stage.
There are many factors which can affected on the choice of hotel: Previous experiences with the hotel. Advertisements. Company travel policy. Recommendation from travel agents. Friends. Business associates. The hotel’s location or reputation. Frequent traveler programs. Preconceptions based upon the hotel’s name or chain. Room rate. The guest decision may be influence by the ease of making reservations. How the gent describes the hotel and its facilities.

17 Arrival Stage This stage include : Registration. Rooming functions.
The business relationship start from this stage between the guest and the hotel through the front office. The responsibility of the front office staff’s: 1- clarify the nature of the guest-hotel relationship. 2- monitor the financial transactions صفقاتbetween the hotel and the guest. 3- the front office staff’s should be determine the guest’s reservation status before beginning pre-registration process.

18 Arrival stage The front office agent must be familiar To sale successfully with: The hotel room type Rate Guest service Be able to describe them in a positive manner.

19 Arrival stage Gathering all the important information in detail at the time of reservation and registration enhances the front office ability to satisfy special guest needs. At check out the guest registration recorder may become the primary data source for creating a guest history record which record all the personal and financial information about the hotel guest which it can help the hotel in the marketing and sales efforts

20 occupancy stage As the center of hotel activity
Coordinating guest service is responsibility of the front desk among many services. The front desk staff should respond to requests in a timely and accurate way to maximize guest satisfaction. The major of front office objective to encourage repeat visits. Constructive communication between the front office and other department/divisions with the guest. the hotel must be aware about the complains in order to resolve it. The front office Should carefully attend to guest concerns and try seek a satisfactory resolution as quickly as possible. Security is another primary front office concern during occupancy stage. Variety of transactions during the occupancy stage affect guest and hotel financial accounts

21 Occupancy stage Room rate of the guest room is the largest single charge in the guest folio, and all the expenses can be charged to a guest account as service purchased from the hotel restaurant, room service department, telephone bill, transportation, gift shop, and other revenue outlets

22 Departure Guest service and guest account aspects of the guest cycle, and the final element of guest service is processing the guest out of the hotel and create a guest history file. The settlement of guest account is the final element of guest accounting (that is bringing the account to a zero balance)

23 Departure Check out: The guest vacates the room
Receives an accurate statement of the settled account. Returns the room keys Leaves the hotel The front office system automatically updates the room’s availability status

24 Departure During check out the front office staff’s should determine whether the guest was satisfied with the stay and encourage the guest to return to the hotel or the another property in the chain. More information about the guest it can help the management to develop marketing strategies to increase business. a positive impression about the hotel: it important to for the customers to leave the hotel with good impression and affect how they talk about the hotel to the others more over it can determining if the guest return to the hotel in the future or not.

25 Departure Property management system: use registration records to automatically construct a guest history file. A guest history file: is a collection of guest history records

26 Departure The purpose of account settlement is Collect money due the hotel priorمسبق to guest departure, depending on the guest’s credit arrangements. The guest will pay cash or by credit card. Account balances should be verified and errors corrected before the guest leave the hotel May be the problem occur in the guest account settlement for example when the charges are not posted to the guest’s account until after the guest checks out. These charges are called late charges.

27 Duties of front office personnel
We will examine the duties of each section in the front office: The reservation office Reception(the front desk) Mail and information Telephone Guest relation offices Front office cashier Business centre Night auditor

28 The reservation office
Staff in the reservation office include The reservation manager The reservation clerks Duties of the reservation manager include: The reservation manager will be in control of the section. Organize the staff duty rotas Establish and maintain high standards of work Make decision, whether bookings should be accepted or not Example: over booking

29 The reservation office (con’t)

30 Reception(The Front Desk)
The staff in the front desk section or (Reception) include: The reception manager or front desk manager. The reception supervisor or front desk supervisor. Senior receptionists and receptionists or reception clerks\agents.

31 Reception(The Front Desk)
In general the front desk controlled by the front desk manager The duty of front desk manager to achieves the maximum revenue and highest level of room occupancy possible. The responsibility of reception manager to monitor and motivate their staff and maintain a high profile with the guests. This is helps to ensure that a quality service is being given by the front office department in particular and the hotel in general.

32 Reception(front desk)
The responsibilities of the reception supervisor : Guarantee the smooth running of the front desk. The y organize the duty rotas. Handle complains or difficult customers which a receptionist may not be able to deal with. The duty of the front desk supervisor to notification and greeting of important guests (VIPs).

33 Reception(front desk)
The responsibilities of senior receptionist is: The senior receptionist is in charge of each shift of staff. The responsibilities of senior reception will assigning room to guests. Dealing with group arrivals. Handling guests’ immediate problems or queries.

34 Reception(front desk)
The responsibilities of receptionists or front desk clerks\agent: Prepare for the guests arrival Greet the guests when they arrival Check the guests into the hotel Assign suitable rooms and check the guests method of payment They keep a record of the status of each room in the hotel.

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