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VBF H  Progress Report Catalin & Tony February 21, 2007.

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1 VBF H  Progress Report Catalin & Tony February 21, 2007

2 Nagging Issue - Solved Differences between lep-had and had-had samples eg. Njet distributions: Lep-had Had-had This turned out to be due to glue-glue mixed in with VBF in lep-had sample.

3 Lep-had Had-had Using the truth info, we weeded out the gg events. The statistics of the sample went from 42.5k down to 8k events.

4 Still small differences Lep-had Had-had We think diffs are still due to generator cut differences:…investigating. +gen level 2 tau w/ Pt>12 and dphi<2.9 We added this requirement to mimic gen cuts in had-had sample

5 Offline Analysis Requires Tag Jets P T 1 >40 GeV P T 2 >20 GeV  tags  4.4 Look at trigger rejection/efficiency with these added requirements.

6 Tagging jets Lep-had Had-had 88% have Pt(j1)>40 Pt(j2)>20 88% have Pt(j1)>40 Pt(j2)>20

7 Signal Samples Lep-had, excluding tau jets. Same as left plot, plus requiring |  1-  2|>4.4 Requiring one jet with |  |>2.4 efficient for analysis sample. But trigger only goes to |  |=3.2. 539/1092=49% of analysis sample has at least one triggerable tag jet.

8 Preliminary Pass at Dijet Rejection Dijet 1 (j1 sample): Only jets below thresh?

9 Dijet rejection (2) If in addition we impose the LVL1 requirements (any standard or extended trigger), then: 6/62 events have |  |>2.4 (10%+/- 4%) -Additional 10X rejection

10 Next Step: LVL2 Previously had kludged standard LVL2 implementation. Working on using LVL2 trig sim info using our analysis code and CBNT ntuples However, our ntuples have incomplete LVL2 info: –Signal samples have emtpy T2Calo block –Dijet samples have ~half of the T2Calo info Trying to get help from Monika W.

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