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Adding HTML to Blackboard

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1 Adding HTML to Blackboard

2 Adding HTML to Blackboard 4 What is HTML? 4 What are “tags”? 4 Why add tags? 4 What kind of tags? –Center/ Bold/italics –Bullet lists –External links 4 How to add tags?

3 What is HTML? 4 HTML = the “code” for the Internet 4 Browsers read this “code” and display things on your screen in certain ways (bold, centered, put and image up, etc.) 4 Blackboard responds to HTML code (since it is essentially a “web page” that we are seeing) 4 Thus, we can add HTML to our Blackboard sites to “spiff them up” a little

4 What are “Tags”? 4 HTML has “tags” to enclose some text.. The tags are interpreted by the browser 4 Format is write something –Start and stop the tags (add the / to the end tag) 4 Simple examples : – Bold – Italics – Bold and Italics both “nested tags”

5 Why use “tags”? 4 To bold/center/italics/larger fonts 4 To create bulleted lists (or numbered lists) 4 To add a web link inside a paragraph –Could also add to “links” page …

6 What kind of tags? 4 Paragraph codes Centered line Right aligned 4 “Headers” – easy way to get big titles BIG TITLE Not as big, and centered

7 .. More tags? 4 Bulleted list would be coded like this : First line Second line And would look like this : First line Second line 4 Ordered list would be coded like this : First line Second line And would look like this : 1.First line 2.Second line

8 .. Still More tags? 4 External links : LTU Web Page Notice the text “LTU Web Page” is what will be displayed as the link.. It would look like this : LTU Web Page

9 How to add them to Blackboard? 4 Use external “editor” (word or notepad) 4 Have “template” of the tags (until you are used the format) 4 Add your text to the sample tag 4 Copy and paste from word processor to Blackboard 4 Check the “display” in the browser Word “Tag” Template

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