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HHS CEA Executive Briefing Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) Overview February 6, 2009.

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1 HHS CEA Executive Briefing Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) Overview February 6, 2009

2 Topics 2 What is the EPLC? Why is the EPLC important? Using the EPLC EPLC Progress & Future

3 What is the EPLC? HHS Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) is an investment management framework developed by representatives from all HHS Optics through the EPLC Workgroup Incorporates best government and commercial practices for planning, managing and overseeing IT investments throughout the investment life cycle Identifies the elements of various programs, such as enterprise architecture, security, records management, IT capital planning, etc., that must be addressed, and the various points in the investment life cycle at which they should be addressed. A guide for investment managers 3

4 EPLC Framework Overview 4

5 5 Why is the EPLC Important? Implements best government and commercial practices in IT investment management by applying consistent and repeatable processes across HHS Changes the IT investment management culture at HHS to be more proactive and transparent, moving the rigors of effective planning to the front of the investment management process Increases the ability to move IT investments to production more rapidly, with reduced risk, by improving HHS IT investment planning and the resulting performance Enables effective IT investment management within which a selected System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) can be practiced

6 Why is the EPLC Important? Incoming administration has set the expectation of a high level of performance, transparency and accountability Requires IT investment management that consistently achieves successful outcomes with optimized alignment with business goals and which meet key cost, schedule and performance objectives 6

7 Using the EPLC What to Expect: More time and resources may need to be shifted to the early planning phases for IT investments Increased planning and oversight at the front of the IT investment management process is expected to be offset by reduced resources spent in potentially duplicative efforts and elimination of avoidable errors Increased value of IT governance processes as stage gate reviews provide enhanced transparency into actual IT investment progress Additional business stakeholder involvement may be required 7

8 Using the EPLC Flexible application: Tailor EPLC to meet your specific circumstances (i.e., fast tracked projects) Applying EPLC to your IT investment, regardless of the system development methodology used 8

9 EPLC Progress EPLC Framework Overview Document and EPLC Policy released Artifact templates from the Initiation Phase through Requirements Analysis Phase have been released Federal Acquisition Certification for Program and Project Managers (FAC-P/PM) and EPLC Training plans and curriculum are being developed EPLC Outreach is in-process Individual OPDIV EPLC Implementation Plans have been developed Optics are in various stages of implementing EPLC for their IT investments 9

10 Future Next Steps Complete the development of training for Project Managers, Critical Partners, IT Governance Boards, and other IT investment stakeholders as needed Training provides an opportunity for professional development and an opportunity to expand your Investment/Project Management knowledge Training is needed to improve and harmonize the methodology that is used across HHS Complete and deliver FAC P/PM training being developed by the HHS Office of Acquisition Management & Policy (OAMP) 10

11 Future Next Steps Develop remaining artifacts (Design through Disposition Phases) and corresponding updates to the EPLC Framework EPLC Presentations are being developed and will be made available to all Optics –Tailoring EPLC –EPLC and iterative development methodologies –Critical Partner integration with EPLC Continue HHS-wide collaboration through the EPLC Workgroup, including sharing lessons learned during Implementation and providing a forum for dialog and discussion of issues 11

12 Questions? CDC EPLC Contact : Sandra McGill CDC IT Capital Planning Officer 12

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