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Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED AMILO Notebook Li 3910 Your entry into mobile computing.

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1 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED AMILO Notebook Li 3910 Your entry into mobile computing

2 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 1 Positioning

3 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 2 Positioning Mobile Clients Functionality Value Mini INTERNET AMILO Ui 8.9-inch Allround STANDARD HOME AND OFFICE APPLICATIONS ESPRIMO Mobile V 15-inch AMILO P / L 15 – 18-inch Advanced ENTERTAINMENT, MOBILE OFFICE ESPRIMO Mobile U, M, D, X 12 - 15-inch AMILO X 17 - 18-inch Superior ULTIMATE COMPUTING FOR INDIVIDUAL NEEDS CELSIUS H 15-inch STYLISTIC, LIFEBOOK T 12 - 13-inch LIFEBOOK P, S, E 12 - 15-inch AMILO S 13-inch

4 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 3 Portfolio Mobile Clients Advanced Superior 12-15-inch Ultimate Computing for Individual Needs Intel Workstation performance NVIDIA graphics Optional 3G/UMTS* Ultimate security Family feat. (modular bay, port rep) CAD,DCC, VIS certified 18-inch 16:9* CELSIUS H Intel Tablet PC Optional 3G/UMTS* Ultimate security Active/ passive digitizer* Berliner glass option Intel NVIDIA* Optional 3G/UMTS* Family feat. (modular bay, port rep)* Ultimate security Compact size/ weight Long battery runtime Intel / AMD Stylish design Opt. AMILO Graphic Booster* Pre-n WLAN* Long battery runtime Slot in ODD Intel NVIDIA graphics* Optional 3G/UMTS Family feat. (modular bay, port rep) Ultimate security Long battery runtime Intel / AMD NVIDIA/ ATI graphics* Hybrid graphics Dual hard disk drive opt. Numeric keyboard Remote control Subwoofer Intel NVIDIA/ ATI graphics* Optional 3G/UMTS* Intel / AMD NVIDIA / ATI graphics* Pre-n WLAN* Digital video interface* Intel Changeable click-on covers ExpressCard slot Allround 15 -18-inch 16:9* 8.9-inch STYLISTIC/ LIFEBOOK T LIFEBOOK P, S, E AMILO S AMILO X ESPRIMO Mobile V AMILO Ui AMILO P, L ESPRIMO Mobile U,M,D,X Internet Standard Home and Office Application Entertainment Mobile Office 8.9-inch 12-15-inch * depending on model 1 kg From 2.67 kg From 2.7 kg From 3.6 kg From 1.95 kg From 2.25 kg From 1.3 kg From 1.6 kg From 3 kg 13-inch 15-inch 12 – 13inch 15-inch Mini

5 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 4 Product Highlights

6 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 5 Highlights AMILO Notebook Li 3910 Balanced performance Latest Intel® mobile processor technology Low power Mobile Intel® GMA 4500M Up to 4 GB RAM Connectivity: VGA, USB 2.0, S/PDIF, 13-in-1 card reader, ExpressCard slot Integrated Wireless LAN Built-in DVD burner drive Innovations 17-inch (16:10) or 18.4-inch (16:9) widescreen display with BrilliantView technology AMILOcam (low-light technology) and built-in microphone for video telephony Spill-proof keyboard Silent mode function

7 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 6 Highlights AMILO Notebook Li 3910 Key selling points Latest Intel® mobile processor technology with Intel® Celeron® Dual-Core, Intel® Pentium® Dual- Core or Intel® Celeron® M processor for great performance – wherever you are 17-inch WXGA+ (1440 x 900) or 18.4-inch HD+ (1680 x 945) LCD display with BrilliantView technology 16:9 aspect ratio (optional) Glossy piano black surface Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M Integrated AMILOcam and built-in microphone are perfect for Internet telephony (VoIP) and video chats Integrated Wireless LAN to go online when and wherever you are Up to 4 GB memory for quick response times Variety of ports e.g. VGA, USB 2.0, ExpressCard slot

8 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 7 Highlights AMILO Notebook Li 3910 Integrated webcam (with low-light-technology) and built-in microphone Spill-proof keyboard with number block 17 (16:10) or 18.4 (16:9) BrilliantView display Easy access to audio jacks and 13-in-1 card reader ExpressCard Slot (54/34 mm) for UMTS-, DVB-T-cards etc. Integrated Wireless LAN Silent mode function SuperMulti-format DVD burner VGA video interfaces, 3x USB 2.0

9 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 8 Product Features

10 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 9 FeatureBenefits 18.4-inch HD+ display with 16:9 aspect ratio Enjoy your latest DVDs without disturbing black bars Cinema to go with best value for money 16 by 9 aspect ratio (optional)

11 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 10 Processor performance FeatureBenefits Intel® mobile processor technology Advantages* * Source: Intel Description Intel® Celeron® processors provide dual-core performance to meet your everyday basic computing needs Intel Pentium® processors deliver great mobile performance, low power enhancements, and multitasking for everyday computing Usage scenarios Take basic computing to new levels; become more creative and productive in the home, office, or classroom Listening to digital music, editing digital photography and improved responsiveness with office applications HighlightsPowerful enough to run more than one application at a time; delivers superior energy-efficient dual-core performance Intel® Smart Cache enables smarter, more efficient cache and bus design for enhanced performance, responsiveness and power savings

12 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 11 Graphics performance FeatureBenefits Mobile Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M Intel® Clear Video Technology for enhanced high-definition video playback, sharper images and precise color control Intel® Clear Video Technology Enhanced high-definition video playback Sharper images Precise color control Advanced display capability DirectX® 10 support * Source: Intel

13 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 12 Wireless performance FeatureBenefits Integrated Wireless LAN (IEEE802.11b/g) More convenience as you can choose the location where you want to work with your laptop and you have no more hassle with all the cables in your home area More mobility as you can go online wherever you are, you just need an access point * Source:

14 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 13 Display technology FeatureBenefits 17-inch / 18.4-inch widescreen BrilliantView display Intend to optimize the multimedia experience Very high contrast Crisper images Increased color depth

15 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 14 Display technology FeatureBenefits 17-inch (16:10) or 18.4-inch (16:9) wide screen Wide screen Extra picture area Enjoy true-to-life DVD movies in all their widescreen glory Allows more data space e.g.for multiple applications, tool bars, Vista gadgets or instant messaging 16:94:3

16 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 15 Entertainment FeatureBenefits Integrated DVD burner with double layer support Store up to 8.5 GB of data comfortably on the move Write on CD- and DVD-media, no matter if they are + or – media

17 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 16 Ease of use FeatureBenefits Keyboard with numeric pad Comfortable and ergonomic working conditions with no compromises Type in great amounts of numbers conveniently No external accessories are needed

18 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 17 Unique features

19 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 18 FeatureBenefits Engineered in Germany Test Center: Our own test center in Augsburg tests conformity to international standards and customer-specific requirements Product Excellence: Over the years our product quality has been rewarded many times by national and international magazines Process Excellence: We constantly improve our processes to ensure sustainability for our customers and our company Find out more Unique Features

20 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 19 FeatureBenefits Silent mode function Assures comfortable working conditions By pressing the silent mode button the noise level of the system will be reduced Convenient working conditions due to low noise emission Unique Features 40 dB = Living room 30 dB = Library 20 dB = Soft Whisper 10 dB = Normal breathing 50 dB = Electric Toothbrush

21 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 20 FeatureBenefits Integrated AMILOcam Built-in microphone Webcam with low-light-technology for great video quality even in low-light conditions Comfortable communication without any accessories Stay in touch with your friends on-the-go via internet telephony / chats (VoIP) Unique Features

22 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 21 FeatureBenefits Spill-resistant keyboard Protection against system damage caused by accidental spills Enough time to shut down the notebook Remove the liquid from the notebook Protects your investment and your data Unique Features Tray shape all around the keyboard unit

23 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 22 FeatureBenefits Common design language for notebooks, PCs, peripherals and even servers from Fujitsu Modern style, clear-line design and a 45 degree grading Robustness and high recognition value Unique Features

24 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 23 AMILO Notebook Li 3910 – summary The AMILO Notebook Li 3910 is: A 17- or 18.4-inch reliable desktop replacement with best value for money, that delivers balanced performance and is perfect for everyday computing Well equipped with latest Intel® mobile processor technology and low-power Intel® Graphics Media Accelerator 4500M onboard graphics With its 17- or 18.4-inch display perfect for home entertainment like watching DVDs and pictures, optional with 16:9 aspect ratio

25 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 24 Why us and not the others? We have an end-to-end view We design and engineer our products in Europe Broad portfolio - covering every need We have been in the mobile market for 20 years We are innovative and have great time-to-market: 1st notebook with TouchPad 1st modular notebook 1st Bluetooth notebook 1st notebook with embedded UMTS with telco partnerships Track record of providing the lightest and slimmest notebooks Lightest convertible (LIFEBOOK P1620) Lightest 14-inch fully functional (modular) notebook (LIFEBOOK S Series) Lightest 15-inch desktop replacement notebook (LIFEBOOK E Series)

26 Copyright 2009 FUJITSU LIMITED 25

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