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ATTC Network Orientation: Recovery and Recovery-based Care.

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1 ATTC Network Orientation: Recovery and Recovery-based Care

2 2 Workforce Development Technology Transfer and Systems Change Performance Monitoring and Quality Improvement Recovery and Recovery-based Care Communication and Network Development The ATTC Network Priority Areas

3 Terms… Recovery-oriented systems of care ROSC Instead, use: recovery-based services recovery-oriented services and systems recovery-oriented care recovery-based care recovery-oriented systems etc…

4 Recovery-based Care This comprehensive online resource is located on the ATTC Network’s NEW consolidated Web site: This site provides information and resources on topics including: What is Recovery? What is Recovery-based Care? Recovery Support Services Recovery Management Challenges and Opportunities Explore More at

5 Publications and Monographs Recovery: Linking Addiction Treatment & Communities Of Recovery: A Primer For Addiction Counselors & Recovery Coaches Northeast ATTC, 2006 This scholarly paper offers readers a renaissance of ideas that will provide the suffering addicts with which they work an increased opportunity for lasting recovery. Also includes a comprehensive bibliography. Monograph: Recovery Management Great Lakes ATTC, 2006 This monograph contains a synthesis of findings from scientific studies and recommendations from new grassroots recovery advocacy and support organizations and introduces the recovery management model through a collection of four papers.

6 Perspectives on Systems Transformation: How Visionary Leaders are Shifting Addiction Treatment Toward a Recovery-Oriented System of Care Great Lakes ATTC, 2007 Perspectives on Systems Transformation Includes interviews conducted with six leaders guiding the field through the shift toward a recovery –oriented system of care, including: H. Westley Clark, MD, JD, MPH, CAS, FASAM Thomas A. Kirk, Jr., PhD Arthur C. Evans, PhD Michael Boyle Phillip Valentine Lonnetta Albright

7 Addiction Recovery Symposium Addiction Recovery Symposium: Aligning Concepts, Practice & Context to Promote Long-Term Recovery: An Action Plan Held on May 1 & 2, 2008, in Philadelphia, PA Northeast ATTC & Great Lakes ATTC A diverse group of stakeholders and leaders in the field were brought together to show that there is a place for all within this new system. Participants participated in a day and a half of reflection on ways to improve the care of those at risk for or suffering from addiction.

8 Potential ATTC Products Curriculum for Peer Coaching -Training for peer workers to enhance their knowledge and skills Curriculum for Recovery Planning -Training would target treatment professionals to reframe treatment planning and including building linkages to emerging recovery supports Peer Competencies document -Competencies would articulate KSAs for use in certification, supervision, and training plans Change Guide for Transforming Treatment Programs -This guide would help treatment programs conduct self review and provide tools for modifying language, procedures, and services toward recovery-based care

9 Media Guide -Media products would be designed to raise public and professional understanding of recovery-based systems. Evaluation Guide -Evaluation and performance measurement options would be developed Compendium of Recovery-oriented System Models and Resources -An annotated list of programs and resource people would be compiled Round table for Research Exchange and Feedback -A round table of researchers and recovery community organizations would focus on applying relevant research and influencing researchers to study relevant questions Potential ATTC Products

10 National Conference on Recovery-based Care -An ATTC-Sponsored conference in 2010 addressing key issues in implementing recovery-based care. Recovery-oriented Systems “Trailer” -A short video about “Recovery-oriented Systems in Plain English” that could be played prior to other ATTC events to get people thinking and talking about what recovery-based services means. Example: Potential ATTC Products to Promote ROSC

11 Survey Respondents were asked about each product’s potential Importance. “Would this product be responsive to key needs in the field, and would it make a significant contribution?” Respondents were also asked about each product’s Feasibility. “Will the ATTC network be able to successfully deliver a quality product, or are there constraints or other issues that may limit the ability to produce what is needed?” Finally, they were asked to designate their top 5 choices from the 1st (highest) priority to the 5th priority as an ATTC deliverable.

12 Results Final Ratings of Potential Deliverables

13 Discussion 1.What do you see as ATTC Network’s role in the shift to recovery-oriented systems? 2.What are you thoughts on how these potential products fit in that role? 3.Do you have any additional suggestions for possible products?

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