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Chicago Band Connection Developed by Chutes & Ladders.

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1 Chicago Band Connection Developed by Chutes & Ladders

2 Planning What Needs To Be Done?



5 Social Network Functions Private messaging Music downloads Search Users 3 levels of authority Band / Fan / Site Administrator CBC Functionality Overview

6 CBC Design Overview PHP Sessions Dynamic web pages MySQL Database driven Interaction between users Focus on Band aspect

7 Design : Modules Overview

8 Requirements REQ-4: Password must be, at a minimum, five (5) characters in length. If less than five characters, system will prompt user to create another password REQ-1: Search Page will display a text box where users can input a Band Group name in a text string format. The control will accommodate up to 255 characters including white spaces. REQ-3: Page will redirect users to a separate search results page after search function is executed. The total number of results returned will be posted at the top of the first search results page. REQ-1: Fan Page will maintain and display all Band Page links added by the user during a visit to a Band Page. No duplicate links will be allowed. REQ-3: Page will display a link or control that will allow users to download audio files in MP3 format that are uploaded by the Band group in the Band Admin Page. If no audio files are uploaded in the Band Admin Page, the link or control will be disabled. The link or control will include the caption (see REQ-5) of the audio file unless it is disabled.

9 Usability Testing Controlled environment testing with a user, test monitor and test recorder Purpose of testing is to determine user satisfaction, efficiency, effectiveness and utility of the CBC site


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