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What is Reliability? How Can We Measure Reliability? What is Validity? What are the Types of Validity?

2 What is Reliability? Extent to which a measurement is consistent
There is always measurement error when measuring variables. Larger measurement error means lower reliability.

3 Ways of Measuring Reliability
Inter-rater Reliability Test-Retest Reliability Alternate Forms Reliability Split-Half Reliability

4 What is Validity? Extent to which a method measures what it is claimed to measure Reliability is a prerequisite for validity

5 Content Validity Extent to which an instrument includes appropriate content Consult experts about content of test

6 Construct Validity Extent to which the appropriate construct is measured Look for agreement with accepted measures of the same construct Review literature to determine appropriate variables that represent the construct

7 Criterion Validity Extent to which behaviors are accurately predicted
Concurrent validity – present performance Predictive validity – future performance Use correlational research to determine and improve ability to predict

8 External Validity Extent to which the results can be generalized
Improve ecological validity – how well the method represents appropriate situations/settings

9 Internal Validity Extent to which the results represent the relationship of interest Eliminate or control confounding variables - extraneous variables that change systematically with a variable of interest


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