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Consultation Findings Location: Bradford Date: 20 May 2010.

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1 Consultation Findings Location: Bradford Date: 20 May 2010

2 Clubs/Organisations Involved Bradford Athletics Network Leeds Athletics Network Baildon Runners Valley Striders Holmfirth HAC Pudsey & Bramley AC Kirklees Council Bradford College Keighley & Craven AC Bingley Harriers St Bedes AC St Theresa’s AC Halifax Harriers AC Humberside AA Abbey Runners Regional Council

3 Overview / Summary The consultation evening provided a lively forum for discussion and debate between the Networks and Clubs present and there seemed to be consensus on some of the big issues. An update was provided on the progress to date of the 3 networks in West Yorkshire (Bradford, Calderdale & Leeds) The Regional Council provided an overview of their role. Coaching and Coach Education were big talking points and the need to address the quantity and quality of coaches was identified as a priority Recruitment of volunteers, particularly officials was seen as extremely important for the long term sustainability of the sport

4 Discussion and Feedback LONG TERM SUSTAINABILITY OF THE SPORT What should this look like in 2013? What do we need to do now to achieve that vision?

5 Long Term Sustainability What should this look like... All clubs to have a coaching structure All clubs to achieve clubmark All clubs have an effective club structure in place Successful, fun competition structure Excellent facilities and equipment in all clubs Full programme of athletics delivered in schools More Officials, Coaches & Volunteers Membership fee structure in place Sustainable club funding

6 Long Term Sustainability What we need to do... Clear leadership from NGB Partnership working Increase club membership fees Flying Coaches to support teachers with delivery of athletics in schools Work with other sports / multi sport approach Better recruitment and retention of volunteers Social Enterprise clubs Improve the marketing of clubs / networks

7 Discussion and Feedback COACHING What should this look like in 2013? What do we need to do now to achieve that vision?

8 Coaching What should this look like? A clear pathway for coaching Mentored coaching structure Active and qualified coaches at every level and discipline within clubs Club coaches in schools Sustainable funding for coaches Professionalisation of athletics coaches A clear payment structure for coaches

9 Coaching What do we need to do? Full audit of coaches within network areas Partnership working between clubs / schools Ongoing CPD opportunities Reward & recognition for coaches Recruitment and Retention drive of coaches Target experienced athletes to become coaches Review club structures to support coaches Better quality resources for coaches Cascade of information from National coaches to a local level

10 Discussion and Feedback CLUBS What should this look like in 2013? What do we need to do now to achieve that vision?

11 Clubs What should we look like – All clubs have good structures Clubs sharing resources & best practise in network areas All junior clubs have school links Clubs working in partnership to increase sustainability All clubs working towards clubmark

12 Clubs What do we need to do:- Attract new volunteers Create satellite clubs for those clubs full to capacity School links including Flying Coaches into schools Meaningful award schemes Build relationships with partner organisations i.e Local Authorities, schools, police, highways etc

13 Discussion and Feedback COMPETITION What should this look like in 2013? What do we need to do now to achieve that vision?

14 Competition What should it look like:- Coordinated competition between school & clubs Clear pathway for Quadkids Consistent age groups Retained volunteers and officials Easy administration for event organisers Consistent permits for competition Coordinated race calendar

15 Competition What do we need to do:- Examine best practice Influence competition managers to get athletics on the school agenda There is a need for more open meets Evaluate permit requirements Recruitment & retention of volunteers & officials

16 Evaluation YesNoNot sure Do you feel this event was beneficial? 20 (91%)0%2 (9)% Did the event cover the things that you expected it to? 19 (86%)0%3 (14%) Do you think it would be worth repeating this event in future years? 22 (100%)0%

17 Comments Will be useful evening depending on future actions Provoked good discussion Competition is a major challenge and issue for the sport Interesting to see the amount of work taking place in the network

18 Other ideas, issues or suggestions 75% of discussions concerned T&F, more needed for RR clubs Important now for the network to examine long term sustainability issue if there is no more funding in the future


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