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Life Cycle of an Award1 Office of Sponsored Programs Post-Award Overview of Award Management/ Life Cycle of an Award.

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1 Life Cycle of an Award1 Office of Sponsored Programs Post-Award Overview of Award Management/ Life Cycle of an Award

2 2 Vice Chancellor for Research and Dean of Graduate Studies  Proposal Development  Compliance – IRB / IACUC  Office of Sponsored Programs Pre-Award Post-Award  Technology Development

3 Life Cycle of an Award3 Office of Sponsored Programs Post-Award Staff Post-Award Director: Jeanne Wicks472-1825 Assistant Director: Mike Behne472-6323 Training and Web Resource Development: Ginny Legal Intern: Heather

4 Life Cycle of an Award4 Kathy Anderson2-6326 Deb Donna Shelly Kathi Joyce Schuette2-6354 Post-Award Project Specialists

5 Life Cycle of an Award5 Session Topics Considerations prior to proposal submission Pre-award costs WBS establishment Management and reporting tasks during an award Project closeout Audits and reviews

6 Life Cycle of an Award6 Proposal Development and Submission Idea Development Funding Source Identification Proposal Preparation Proposal Submission, Approval, Routing and Mailing Be aware of timelines Avoid excess or voluntary cost share Pre-award costs Award Decline

7 Life Cycle of an Award7 Avoid “excess” Cost Share... Cost share doesn’t increase funding opportunities and results in additional: Personnel Activity Reports (PARs) documentation oversight and monitoring Considerations prior to proposal submission:

8 Life Cycle of an Award8 Considerations prior to proposal submission Pre-award Costs: aren’t allowed on “24” grants–State Single LOC may not be available on all grants are incurred at the risk of the department are allowable no more than 90 days prior to effective date of award. Written permission from granting authority is required to exceed 90 days. Use “Prior Approval to Spend” (IPAS) form to request Pre-Award costs.

9 Life Cycle of an Award9 Considerations prior to proposal submission You must include a budget that: allows for inflation factor in multi-year awards is complete & balanced to award amount is at no deeper level than accounting system capability Include in budget: F & A benefits sub-award information in the work statement

10 Life Cycle of an Award10 Considerations prior to proposal submission F & A (Indirect Costs): support administrative & facilities costs associated with research include a portion which is returned to the college are a true cost to the university are based on a rate negotiated and approved by the federal government

11 Life Cycle of an Award11 Considerations before the award is signed Reporting Requirements:  Burdensome requirements (e.g. copies of all invoices)  Other special conditions: special forms specific reporting dates

12 Life Cycle of an Award12 WBS Establishment Project information must be complete and include: copy of proposal a balanced budget that agrees to award Cost Share information with: specific persons identified percentage of time commitment funding source – cost center signed & completed routing form Verification of Compliance – IRB/IACUC annual Conflict of Interest disclosure subaward Information: Letter of Commitment, contact information, budget, work statement Note: PARs from previous awards must be current.

13 Life Cycle of an Award13 WBS Establishment Timeline:  Creating the WBS – Monday, Wednesday, Friday  Changing payroll information (department responsibility) Know your Project Specialist.

14 Life Cycle of an Award14 Project Management WBS Establishment (Award Cost Center) Project Management Project Closeout Audit

15 Life Cycle of an Award15 Project Management Documentation:  personal Activity Report (PARs – Effort reporting)  original invoices  financial reports  no-cost extension (FDP)  other extensions

16 Life Cycle of an Award16 Project Management Basic Considerations for Costs: Primary Principle - All costs must:  be reasonable  be allocable  be treated consistently across the institution  conform to any limitations or exclusions described in these principles or in the sponsored agreement as to types or amounts of cost items The cost is unallowable if these aren’t all met.

17 Life Cycle of an Award17 Project Management Department Responsibility: Strongly recommend centralized records maintenance Review/reconcile SAP reports Use Commitments for planning purposes Deficits not allowed – must remove immediately Cost Share outside of payroll travel invoice outside source

18 Life Cycle of an Award18 Project management Re-budgeting: required in some cases – 0% - ??% consider cumulative effect when determining if grantor approval is needed management tool Retention: 5 years after the final report is filed multi-year awards audit of any records you retain

19 Life Cycle of an Award19 Project Management Overspending an Award: Costs must be removed from the grant Additional budget available? Use commitments to avoid deficits Special Issues: Changing a PI during the grant Sub-awarding part of the grant Transferring award to another institution

20 Life Cycle of an Award20 Project Closeout Prior to end date: Process PAFs PARs Act on SAP workflow messages (“action alerts”) Request extensions (if needed) in a timely manner First 30 days after the end date: Pay all invoices Remind subgrantees to submit invoices Review SAP reports and adjust if needed

21 Life Cycle of an Award21 Project Closeout 30 – 60 days after end of award:  Post-Award finalizes adjustments  Post-Award reviews SAP financial Reports  SAP intramurals post  Department ensures records are ready for audit  Department (PI) files final technical report 60-90 days after end of award:  Post-Award requests final reimbursement  Post-Award files final financial report(s) Afterward:  Complete PARs

22 Life Cycle of an Award22 Audits and Reviews Documentation: PARs Invoices Financial reports Technical/progress reports Other information required by the award Retention: 5 years after the final report is filed Multi-year Awards

23 Life Cycle of an Award23 Governing Regulations – Important Web Sites: OMB Circulars: CFR: FAR: FDP: UNL: State of Nebraska:

24 Life Cycle of an Award24 Questions?

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