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Chapter 13 Light and Reflection.

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1 Chapter 13 Light and Reflection

2 Light and Reflection Characteristics of light Color and polarization
Flat mirrors Curved mirrors


4 Additive – Mixing Light
secondary secondary primary primary primary secondary

5 Subtractive – Mixing Pigments
secondary primary secondary primary primary secondary

6 Color Color depends on the incident light and the reflected light Explain why an object appears to be black

7 Practice A lens for a spotlight is coated so that it does not transmit yellow light. If the light source is white, what color is the spotlight? A house is painted with pigments that reflect red and blue light but absorb all other colors. What color does the house appear to be when it is illuminated by white light? What color does it appear to be under red light?

8 Electromagnetic Spectrum


10 electromagnetic wave = a wave that consists of oscillating electric and magnetic fields, which radiate outward from the source at the speed of light

11 Speed of EM Waves / Speed of Light
𝑐=3.00× m/s 𝑐=𝑓𝜆 speed of light=frequency ×wavelength

12 Illuminance illuminance= perceived power of light area * Illuminance decreases as the square of the distance from the source

13 Polarization


15 Light can be polarized by…
Reflection Scattering

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