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Presented By: Santosh Koppada Rohit Kumar Sumit Kumar Madhumita Ghosh.

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1 Presented By: Santosh Koppada Rohit Kumar Sumit Kumar Madhumita Ghosh

2  Early history & its evolution  Initial positioning and subsequent repositioning  Advertising  Sales promotion and segmentation strategy  Analysis of product and generic competition  Strategies adopted to tackle competition  Distribution strategy  Market Research analysis  Inference from the research

3  Birth of Cadbury  Schweppes merger & de-merger  Acquisition by Kraft Foods  Penetration of CDM in the Indian market  Evolution & transformation of CDM in India

4  Initial positioning :  Mainly targeted children  Re-positioning :  Appeal to people of all age groups  Initiative to reach all classes with different SKU’s  Efforts to replace sweets

5  “The real taste of life”  “Khaane wale ko khaane ka bahaana chahiye”  “Pappu pass ho gaya”  “Shubbh aarambh”  “Kuchh meetha ho jaye”

6  Sales promotion  Major chunk of its budget in Sales Promotion  Leverage local preference of CDM as a substitute of sweets “Mishti”  Segmentation  Geographic segment  Impulse purchasers segment  Gift segment  Dessert segment

7 STRENGTHS: No.1 chocolate brand in India Excellent reach, advertising and accessibility High brand loyalty Top of mind WEAKNESS: Limited shelf life Scandal a few years back OPPORTUNITIES: Better product packaging and preservation Untapped rural markets THREATS: Other branded and local chocolate manufacturers Sweets and substitutes


9  Price – Launching of different SKU’s  Product - Betterment of the product in terms of quality  Promotion – Famous personalities as brand ambassador & advertisements which targeted the sentiments of people  Placement – Widespread availability of the product

10 Factory Mother Godown State Godown Distributor Modern Trade Retailers Direct Store

11  Hypotheses : 1. Cadbury Dairy Milk is the favourite chocolate of India across all age groups 2. Cadbury Dairy Milk is a brand known to one and all 3. Cadbury Dairy Milk has strong distribution network

12 Q1. Do you consume chocolate ?

13 Out of a sample of 100, 77 prefer CDM over other brands of Chocolate


15 Out of 99, 77 people are aware of the commercials for CDM


17 Out of 100, 62 people have never experienced the unavailability of CDM in any kind of outlets

18 Out of 100, 66 have rated 5 to CDM on the basis of Taste

19 Out of 100, 42 people have rated 5 points on price

20 Out of 100, 61 have rated 5 points to CDM on basis of Quality

21 Out of 100, 62 people have rated 5 points on packaging of CDM

22 Out of 100, 77 people feel CDM is widely available

23  Inference: 1. CDM is the most preferred chocolate across India for all age groups 2. CDM’s advertisement strategy has been fruitful 3. CDM has a good distribution network


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