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I Pad Writing Apps for the Common Core Neil Virani (818)439-5188.

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1 i Pad Writing Apps for the Common Core Neil Virani Email: (818)439-5188

2 The Prewriting Process Getting Organized

3 A+ Writing Prompts Countless prompts Easy to differentiate Constant Updates


5 Popplet Graphic organizers Accessibility Personalization Critical Thinking


7 iThoughts Story mapping Brainstorming Essay Planning

8 Uses of iThoughts

9 Paper Port Notes Annotate with voice recordings, text boxes, drawings, & highlighting Speech t o text when connected with Dragon Dictation Export to Dropbox, email, or Google Drive Import PDF, ppt, images

10 Paperport Notes

11 PhatPad Handwriting recognition Notes to text Add drawings for visuals Annotate the document Insert photos (whiteboard) Export as PDF, email, or print Presentation Mode

12 PhatPad

13 Evernote Rich text editor Syncing Add/categorize notes Create full documents Insert photos/audio Storage

14 Drafting, Revising, & Proofreading

15 Pages Simple Formats Formal Style Editing

16 Storyist Novels Screenplays Free Writing Add comments Editing Create Note cards Sync notes & comments to text Enhanced keyboard specialized for screenplays

17 Cool Writer Templates Editing

18 Quip collaborative editing combines the word processor with a messaging system to create threads for discussing and editing documents Free

19 Publishing

20 Day One Journaling application Sync via Dropbox or iCloud Ideal for daily writing responses Export as PDF Ability to tag entries and search

21 Day One Journal

22 My Writing Spot Create full length novels Auto save feature Spell-checker Word/character counts Password security Dictionary/Thesaurus Multiple fonts/sizes Onscreen/Bluetooth keyboard support

23 My Writing Spot

24 Story Creator Create story books Import photos, videos, text, & audio Import from camera roll, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa, or Facebook Emphasizes visual storytelling

25 Story Creator differentiates for learners. Students can create a short story or use the chapter feature and create an extensive novel.

26 Story Kit Text Images Audio Readers Sharing

27 Story Kit The Bookshelf Authors Reading

28 Story Kit Creating Sharing Editing

29 Video Publishing

30 iMovie Higher Order Thinking Connecting to Content Presentation Application

31 Toontastic Video The Story Arch Creativity Sharing

32 Voice to Text

33 Siri Free Smooth Smart

34 Dragon Dictation Free User friendly Accessible

35 Printing

36 Printopia iPad iPhone iPod Touch $29 One computer server

37 Handy Print iPad iPhone iPod Touch $1 Minimum One computer server

38 i Pad Writing Apps for the Common Core Neil Virani Email: (818)439-5188

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