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Answering questions on the British Depth Study

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1 Answering questions on the British Depth Study
Source Analysis Follow this guidance and as long as you have the knowledge, you will do well! You should spend at least 5 minutes examining and annotating the sources

2 What is the message of this cartoon/source? (8)
Timing: 15 minutes Structure: Remember, it’s a 3 paragraph answer. -Message/source/knowledge Focus Get straight to the point: The message of this source is… -The tone of the cartoon is…. Use of evidence Use the source details and your own CK to support your answer. L5 – valid inference about message backed up with source detail AND sophisticated (High level)own knowledge. (8)

3 Why was this source published? (8 marks)
Timing: 15 minutes Structure: Remember, it’s a 3 paragraph answer. -purpose/source/knowledge Focus Get straight to the point: The purpose of this source is… Refer to the attribution Use of evidence Use the source details and your sophisticated CK to support your answer.

4 How useful is this source? (7 marks)
Timing: 15 minutes Structure -Create a two sided argument (2 paragraphs) Focus: Explaining usefulness and limitations Use of evidence L4: Use source detail and sophisticated own knowledge

5 How far does source… help you to understand source… (8 marks)
Timing: 15 minutes Structure: 2 paragraphs Focus: Explain purpose/link between the sources/audience Evidence: For L6 use source/contextual knowledge to explain purpose/link/audience

6 Which sources do you trust more
L3 – valid inference about reliability of source/s with evidence from source to back up. Also comments on usefulness of other source as evidence. (4-5) L4 – Evaluates content of one source using own contextual knowledge OR comments on tone/purpose supported source. (6-7) L5 – As above but refers to BOTH sources. (8-9)

7 Why do these sources show different attitudes…?
Look at who produced them-what does it tell you about their attitudes? When were they produced?-Why might the date be significant?-Election, Act of Parliament, Are emotions running high? Where were they produced?-Why might that be significant? Are their attitudes to the event backed up in the source?-If so quote them and use your own knowledge to put it into wider context. Remember to use both sources-otherwise you cannot get full marks You must give your opinion,quote the source and put it into context.

8 ‘This source is obviously biased and therefore of no value to an historian…’
Every source is useful -gives insight to individuals/group views/feelings L3 – valid inference supported by detail from source. (3-4) L4 – Evaluates source and comments on purpose of source. (4-5) L5 – Evaluates source using both the source and contextual knowledge (testing the source with what you know to be true of the period from your own knowledge). (6-7) Mention limitations of the source.

9 Do you believe what this source is telling you?
L3- valid inference of message supported by detail from source (3-4) L4- discusses purpose/image supporting with source detail (4-5) OR Uses another source to cross reference in support/to disagree Or Uses knowledge only L5- Evaluates content of source backed up by source and knowledge (6-7)

10 How useful is the source for understanding…?
Level 3 – Valid inference supported by source (3-4) Level 4- Evaluates by cross reference or by commenting on tone/language/purpose. Supported by source (4-5) or uses own knowledge to evaluate Level 5- both knowledge and source used to evaluate(6-7)

11 Question 5: How far do you agree with this interpretation? (16 marks)
Timing: 25 minutes Structure: Create an essay with 4 sections -Introduction, support for interpretation, disagree with interpretation, conclusion Focus: You need to create a very clear two sided argument with focus on CK. Use of evidence: Use source detail to support contextual knowledge For L6 (15-16 marks)- You need to included detailed CK with support from a range of sources SPAG: 3 marks: For 3 marks use correct spellings, follow grammar and punctuation rules. Make it coherent.

12 Top Tips …read the question more carefully before answering.
… use the source AND my own knowledge on source questions. …be more specific in my answers. …give more examples in my answers. …revise key terms and key dates before assessments. …explain my points in greater detail. …use examples to back up my points. …use P.E.E.L when answering source-based questions. …agree and disagree in questions that ask me for my opinion. … read through my answer to make sure it answers the question. … have a go at every question, even if I’m unsure. … make sure I’m answering the correct questions. …write sentences more clearly. …highlight key knowledge when taking my notes.

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