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2 R Read the title and scan the text. Make predictions. Re ad the title, look at pictures, scan the text. Make predictions about the genre and author’s purpose. Do the pictures look real or fake? Is there dialogue throughout the passage? Fiction or non-fiction? Be sure to read the writing that is under the title.(sometimes written in italics. Often this will give you a summary, hint at the main idea or give more information about the topic). *Remember these are only predictions, so they may not be correct, but they will get your brain warmed up and thinking.

3 U Underline / highlight key words in the questions Th is will help you set a purpose for reading. You should underline important names, dates, and parts of the question. If a word is already bold or italicized it is not necessary to underline since it is already telling you how important the word is. What is the question really asking? (author’s purpose, main idea, sequencing, etc.)

4 N Number the paragraphs / stanzas If the pass age contains a lot of dialogue, avoid numbering all of the paragraphs.

5 N Now read the passage

6 E Enclose clues to right answers Highlight information in the passage that may be answers to the questions.

7 R Reread the question and all answer choices Read the question again and focus on the words you circled / highlighted from before. Read the question again and read ALL of the answer choices A-D.

8 S Slash the trash and select the best answer Show proof from the passage of where your answer was found (justify).

9 Worth More Than Gold Read the passage using the RUNNERS strategies and answer questions# 41-48. pgs. 59-62

10 41. Based on what you learned in paragraph 1, what does "monoculture" mean?

11 42. Which sentence from the passage best supports the idea that growing monocultures can be risky?

12 43. Which claim is best supported by evidence in the passage?

13 44. How does the author demonstrate the purpose of plant gene banks?

14 45. Based on the passage, what does the author believe about the use of plant gene banks?

15 46. The author thinks that gene banks are "worth more than gold." Which sentence from the passage best supports the above statement?

16 47. Look at this dictionary entry. ba nk (n) 1.a place that lends, receives or keeps money 2. a storage place 3. a mound or pile of earth (v) 4. to put money in a bank 5. to turn an airplane Wh at is the correct meaning of "bank" as it is used to describe "plant gene bank"?

17 48. Which of the following would not belong in a summary of the passage?

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