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Senior Management Team June 2014 Head of Communications Finance, Strategy and Corporate Services.

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1 Senior Management Team June 2014 Head of Communications Finance, Strategy and Corporate Services

2 The Student Loans Company - 2014 SLC needs to focus on essential organisational change to deliver an effective and efficient student finance service to its customers. This is a transformation during which it is vital that SLC remains stable and sustainable whilst we become a Digital, Customer Focused, Centre of Excellence. Alongside exemplary customer service and agile delivery, there is a longer-term strategy to deliver efficiencies and productivity gains throughout the organisation with a view to realising these benefits as soon as possible. To ensure that SLC can achieve its objectives in a more cohesive, customer-focused way we need to work more collaboratively by taking accountability and, where appropriate, sharing responsibilities, in order to make effective decisions that focus on our Vision, deliver our Mission and reflect our Values. To achieve this we need to work in less complicated structures with clearly understood boundaries. In order to fulfil the Mission, we are strengthening accountability and providing clarity for all roles and responsibilities, but especially those of leadership and management. We expect everyone working at SLC to be in a position to establish collaborative working throughout the Company ensuring a focus on quality and value in service delivery. To achieve our Vision we are designing new structures with the aim of increasing our customer focus with the right balance between front-line and back-office processes but also the flexibility to continuously improve and to innovate. Our Mission We enable our customers to invest in their futures by delivering secure, accurate and efficient assessment, payment and repayment services Our Vision To be valued as a digital, customer-focused, centre of excellence

3 As a Senior Management Team Member SMT Membership The SMT will propose potential courses of action to the ELT for delivering the Mission and, once decisions are made, SMT members will co-ordinate the execution of plans where: Recommendations and decisions are made with cross-portfolio dependencies in mind, ensuring impacts, risks and conflicts are proactively addressed and resolved; Authority for acting on decisions is part of your individual job role, however you will be jointly accountable with your SMT colleagues for achieving corporate objectives since these span SLC portfolios; In order for everyone at SLC to understand what is required of them, you and your SMT colleagues will hold joint responsibility for communicating the steps that are being taken to execute Company strategies; and You will also be responsible for reporting to the rest of SLC how well the company-wide processes are performing against agreed company-wide measures and what actions are being taken to keep SLC on track to deliver its Mission and achieve its Vision. You will deliver value by: Deliver the Business Plan to achieve corporate goals and objectives; Sponsoring Business Transformation; Working collaboratively across SLC portfolios; Demonstrating “Leading the Way” behaviours and values. Company Leadership As a recognised leader in the Company you are anticipated to devote circa 30% of your time to the following activities: Actively promote and support transformation to achieve the Vision; Show ownership of the Mission by guiding improvements to current operations and processes; Put the customer at the heart of decision-making, resource allocation and delivery; Take ownership of and deliver to the Company’s Medium Term Financial plans and drive efficiencies and cost savings underpinning the Transformation Programme Empower, guide and enable staff to deliver the Mission; Recognise and celebrate individual and team achievements; Promote SLC values through your own actions; and Exercise your accountability to shareholders and fulfil your responsibilities to relevant stakeholders, including colleagues and staff.

4 Head of Communications Purpose of the role: To proactively lead the provision of specialist internal communication and external affairs services across the SLC and to the relevant external audiences, building and strengthening the internal and external brand of the organisation, in line with our Vision. Responsible To: Deputy CEO Executive Director, Finance, Strategy and Corporate Services Management Authority: Internal / External Communications Staff 10 Budgetary Authority: Circa £500,000 Salary range:circa £62k

5 Head of Communications Key Responsibilities: Drive the development and delivery of a clear, effective and engaging internal communications and external affairs strategy and plan, which will build the positive reputation of SLC internally and externally, using appropriate channels, tools and messaging according to clear and defined audience need Seek to develop excellent relationships with local management teams across SLC ensuring they input to and are engaged in delivering the communications strategy, providing support and guidance as required to develop capability; Deputise for Executive Director as and when required;; Lead and manage the Team to provide a proactive service, working with the wider organisation and external influencers to manage down the levels of reactive media response required as far as possible; Positively manage SLCs reputation with media and stakeholders, working alongside colleagues in the wider organisation to ensure consistency of messaging and coordination of delivery ; Establish a positive working relationship with appropriate and relevant journalists across the UK to facilitate effective management of SLC messages; Work closely with the BIS press office to ensure a co-ordinated approach to public statements and campaigns, influencing in the interests of the SLC as appropriate and necessary Review and put in place appropriate mechanisms, e.g. media training for the SLC Chairman, other Board members as appropriate, Executive Leadership Team and other SLC managers as appropriate to support them in representing/acting as spokesperson for SLC in a wide range of media as required. Actively maintain a current view of external media coverage and public affairs, including anticipating and interpreting possible undercurrent, which may influence or impact SLC, through robust and frequent mechanisms, horizon scanning and ongoing development of excellent relationships with key media influencers, and provide regular briefings to the ELT, SMT and wider business on a timely basis Responsible for the production of exceptional communications through the firm’s website, email, updates, hardcopy newsletters, other publications,, media and press relations; To monitor effectiveness of media coverage and PR campaigns to ensure that objectives achieved in key messages and campaign coverage; Operate as the custodian of the SLC brand both internally (as an employer/ employee brand) and externally, supporting the ELT to determine how this might be strengthened to facilitate the Vision and Corporate Plan. Assess and address the internal communication needs of the organisation with a view to reaffirming and/ or putting in place any new and appropriate frameworks, plans, forums, and tools, including consideration of if and how the intranet can be improved and IBM Connections tool integrated into a logical suite of communication channels Establish a rhythm of appropriate and relevant business communications internally, which help to underpin the SLC culture, build awareness and understanding of the progress of the organisation, and celebrate our achievements (corporate, team and individual) Lead on the planning, design and development of key corporate communications, including the Annual Report, drawing on the specialist expertise and knowledge of the wider organisation, e.g. the Finance Director Oversee and provide direction on the production of firm-wide promotional pieces such as recruitment brochures, draft speeches and management briefings with Internal Communications Executive, ensuring these represent the SLC tone of voice and brand Manage the engagement of 3rd party suppliers as required to support the Communication and External Affairs Strategy and oversee effective delivery of contracted services Take ownership of and provide direction for the usage of the SLC website, intranet and other communication channels used to engage stakeholders and employees. Maintain an active interest in new communications tools and techniques, and draw best practice into the SLC, encouraging the wider Communications team to do the same, alongside sharing that experience and expertise with peers and colleagues to deliver improved communications across the organisation Establish an approach and plan for the management of crisis situations, and take a lead on educating the Leadership of the SLC on their responsibilities and required actions in the event of any such situation arising.

6 Head of Communications Skills, Knowledge and Experience: Essential Graduate calibre, or equivalent Significant experience of managing a media relations function Expert understanding of the communications mix to include press and public relations, web/online, event management, direct mail, literature production and database management The role will require experience of dealing with stakeholders external to the organisation and have the ability to leverage the appropriate media channel to address these requirements. Superior planning and organisational skills as well as strong writing and oral communication skills, routinely producing excellent written copy and presentations, with special emphasis on promotional writing under tight deadlines Experience in media relations and proactive publicity campaigns Demonstrable experience of crisis management A proven ability to exercise good commercial judgment and diplomacy in complex situations Ability to conceptualize and deliver on the creative presentation of complex concepts Demonstrate the ability to work on multi-strand projects with conflicting deadlines Desirable Significant experience of working in a range of sectors Excellent communication skills, full understanding of the role that communications and stakeholder management performs in the success of business and cultural change. A proven ability to drive projects through. High degree of drive, self- motivation and energy Committed to delivering excellent levels of service to internal and external clients at all times Have an open and collaborative style when dealing with staff and managers at all levels of the organisation Key Outputs: To be regarded by our customers, stakeholders and peers as providing a high quality, strategic and collaborative Communications service, which is aligned to the SLC Vision and Mission, based on robust foundations, including up-to- date, fit for purpose policies and processes. Our service will be delivered through a well established, consistent and effective Business Partnering model. An annually updated Internal Communication and External Affairs strategy in line with the SLC Vision and Mission, including input to the SLC Corporate Plan (3 year view). Internal communication plan, including mechanisms to evaluate effectiveness and actions demonstrating a continuous improvement approach. An appropriate and approved SLC Annual Report. A co-ordinated approach to public statements and campaigns, with BIS and other governments/ stakeholder organizations as appropriate. Documented evidence of effective and timely performance management and development of the Communications Team Tools, frameworks, plans and content which build and sustain a widely held positive perception of SLC amongst stakeholders. Evidence of strong and effective relationships with internal SLC colleagues, BIS, appropriate journalists, PR/external affairs influencers and 3rd party suppliers/ agencies. Crisis management approach, plan and training delivered to appropriate audiences.

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