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Running Start Program 2015 - 2016 Lewis & Clark High School.

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1 Running Start Program 2015 - 2016
Lewis & Clark High School

2 What is Running Start? High School in the College vs. College in the High School Earn College Credits Classes at EWU, SFCC, or SCC CCS can earn AA Degree College level courses WITH college level GRADES You essentially have ALL the expectations, responsibilities and freedoms of a College Student.

3 Benefits Potential for earning FREE college credits – transferable to Washington’s public & most of our private colleges. 5.0 College Credits = 1.0 HS Credit Independent study and preparation for college life and beyond Opportunity to take classes not offered at the high school Alternative learning environment Potential to earn AA Degree at the Community Colleges or General Education Requirements (GER’s) at EWU. (Both are transferable to any Public Washington State four-year college.)

4 Facts to Consider Grades earned are recorded on your PERMANENT OFFICIAL high school AND college transcript Social connection with high school changes Parent/Guardians DO NOT have access to grades and progress unless you give them your info College Professors are not caretakers Scheduling challenges – conflict between HS & college class offerings, extracurricular activities, PT vs. FT Required college classes are not offered every quarter – PLANNING REQUIRED! Quarter system vs. Semester System – overlaps, breaks (see next slide)

5 Semester vs Quarter Systems
Lewis & Clark High School First Day 9/2 End of Sem. 1 1/29 Spring Break 4/6 – 4/10 Last Day 6/17 SCC and SFCC End of 1st Qtr. 12/11 First Day 9/21 End of 2nd Qtr. 3/23 Spring Break 3/28 – 4/1 End of 3rd Qtr. 6/17 EWU Spring Break 3/21 – 3/25 End of 3rd Qtr. 6/10 First Day 9/23 End of 1st Qtr. 12/11 End of 2nd Qtr. 3/18

6 Profile of a Successful RS Student
Mature & responsible Able to assimilate with unique populations at CCS or EWU Independent Self-motivated Manages time well Self-Advocate Follows through on commitments Keeps in contact with LC community

7 EWU Requirements Junior or Senior – On track to graduate
Completed Algebra 2 (or take at high school) 3.3 or higher GPA (Cumulative) Student pays for ALL books and ALL Lab Fees - books $ each, labs $5–40 (no financial aid) Provide own transportation – public transportation available

8 SFCC/SCC Requirements
Junior or Senior - On Track to Graduate Completed Algebra 2 (or take at high school) Application Fee - $25 (Fee waived for F & R lunch) Ways to Determine Eligibility: READING & WRITING: (Achieve at least 1 of these) Compass Test ($30) - achieve college level scores ACT score – 19 SAT score – 470 Cumulative high school GPA 3.5 or higher MATH: (Achieve at least 1 of these) MyMath Test (MMT) – place at college level ACT Math score – 23 SAT Math score – 550. Student pays for ALL books and ALL Lab Fees – books $ each, labs $5–40 (no financial aid) Provide own transportation – public transportation available

9 How Many Credits Can I take at the College?
The State of Washington allots a set amount of $ for every student to attend classes in the Public School and/or RS College Program LC Credits per Semester RS Credits per Quarter .5 (1 class) 15 (3 x 5.0*) 1.0 (2 classes) 12 1.5 (3 classes) 9/10 2.0 (4 classes) 6 2.5 (5 classes) 3 *Most Running Start college courses that fulfill core high school requirements = 5.0 credits.

10 RS Student Responsibilities
Schedule an appointment to meet quarterly with HS Counselor to complete Enrollment Verification form Meet quarterly with College RS Advisor to plan and select classes REGISTER for & PASS the required college equivalent classes Take & Pass all required State Tests at LC Complete High School & Beyond Plan Junior/Senior Calendar, meet deadlines, Test Dates – PSAT/SAT/ACT, college applications, scholarships, etc. (

11 High School Counselor Responsibility
Assist with completing quarterly Enrollment Verification Forms Assist with Course Equivalency Guide Provide student’s current Graduation Progress information Discuss high school graduation requirements & provide post high school opportunity guidance (T24!)

12 Application Process Complete the appropriate RS college application – SCC/SFCC and/or EWU Request H.S. Transcript from Mrs. Oranen in Student Office. (allow 24 hrs.) Send the following in a stamped, addressed envelope to the college: Your Transcript Paper Application - if not submitted online Appropriate Application Fee (Check or Money Order, Credit card for online) NEXT - The COLLEGE will send you a letter outlining the required steps to take YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR COMPLETING ALL REQUIRED STEPS ON TIME!

13 EWU / SFCC / SCC RS Info Night Meetings
Eastern Washington University Wednesday, March 11th – 6:30 p.m. - Cheney Campus, Patterson Hall, Rm 126 – Free Parking after 5:00. Spokane Community College Thursday, March 12th – 7:00 p.m. - In the Lair – Building 6 Spokane Falls Community College Thursday, March 26th – In the Music Auditorium - Bldg. 15

14 For more Info: College RS Websites
EWU – SCC – SFCC – Links to Above also located on – (College & Career tab)

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