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Chapter 16 Section 2 Japan’s Pacific Campaign

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1 Chapter 16 Section 2 Japan’s Pacific Campaign
Objective: Explain how the Japanese expanded their power in the Pacific Vocabulary: Isoroku Yamamoto, Pearl Harbor, Battle of Midway, Douglas MacArthur, & Battle of Guadalcanal

2 Setting the Stage Japan’s military leaders also had dreams of an empire Their expansion begun in 1931 To increase their resources, Japanese leaders looked toward the rich European colonies of Southeast Asia to expand their empire

3 Surprise Attack on Pearl Harbor
Americans were aware of Japanese plans for taking over European colonies in Southeast Asia The US feared their colonies would be threatened if Japan conquered European colonies In July 1941, Roosevelt cut of oil shipments to Japan Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto also called for an attack on the US fleet in Hawaii

4 Day of Infamy December 7th 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in Hawaii Over 2 hours, the Japanese sunk 19 ships, including 8 battleships & 2300 Americans were killed Roosevelt declared the attack “a date which will live in infamy” Congress quickly accepted Roosevelt’s request for a declaration of war on Japan & its allies


6 Japanese Victories January 1942, Japanese began their march toward the Philippines capital The Japanese took the Bataan Peninsula in April The Japanese also took control of British possessions in Asia The Japanese quickly made it clear that they had come as conquerors in Asia

7 Japanese Victories The Japanese reserved the most brutal treatment for Allied prisoners of war The Japanese considered it dishonorable to surrender Bataan Death March: prisoners of American & Filipino soldiers forced to march for 50 miles up the peninsula Out of 70,000 prisoners only 54,000 survived

8 The Allies Strike Back April 1941, Lieutenant Doolittle began bombing Tokyo & several other Japanese cities Although the bombing did very little, it showed the Americans & Japanese that Japan was vulnerable to attack

9 The Allies Turn the Tide
Allies began to try to turn the tide of war Battle of Coral Sea – they began a new type of naval warfare Airplanes took off from ships & attacked ships Battle of Coral Sea – Allies had stopped Japan’s southward advance

10 The Battle of Midway Japan next targeted Midway Island, the location of a key American airfield Allied coder breakers learned of the attack ahead of time Yamamoto hoped that attack on Midway would draw the whole US Pacific Fleet from Pearl Harbor to defend the island American ships hid beyond the horizon & attacked Japanese ships & planes at Midway Island The Battle of Midway turned the tide of war in the Pacific

11 An Allied Offensive General Douglas MacArthur, developed a plan to “island- hop” to bring the allies closer to Japan Allies wanted to attack the Japanese airbase on the island of Guadalcanal Battle of Guadalcanal turned into a savage struggle as both sides continued to fight for control The Japanese eventually abandoned the island


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