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Utility Extension Project

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1 Utility Extension Project
Water, Sewer & Gas Extensions Franklin, CT Lenard Engineering, Inc.

2 Project Summary New Project limits include: Route 32, from Old Rt. 32 to Murphy Road (Segments 1 & 2) Murphy Road from Route 32 to Route 87 (Segments 3 & 4) 10,400 feet of gravity sewer, 1,350 feet of sewer force main, one pump station Sewer connection to NPU on Old Route 32 9,200 feet of water main, including connection to NPU on New Park Ave. Total Project Cost $ million USDA Grant / Loan will fund $ million (Segments 1 & 2) Additional State and Federal Grants applications underway for balance of project Lenard Engineering, Inc.


4 Preliminary Design Results
Refined previous conceptual design layout and cost estimate Created new base mapping using current aerial maps, DOT right-of-way maps, Town assessors maps, and topographic maps Prepared layout plans for water, sewer and gas mains Reduced number of costly sewer pumping stations from four to one (Murphy Road) Conducted three days of test borings (40 locations) to better quantify rock excavation Broke project into four (4) segments – See Map Reduced contingencies from 30% to 20% based on updated design Overall project cost reduced from $19.5 million to $14.0 million Lenard Engineering, Inc.



7 Local Project Impacts Franklin Hills Estates and Country Club, LLC
18 hole golf course, clubhouse, 100 room lodge and parking structure approved Private water main construction on Rt. 87, Murphy Road to serve their projects Private sewer main construction from New Park Avenue cross-country to Route 32/ Avery Lane to serve their projects These mains reduce the lengths of water and sewer mains required by the Town project Estimated new tax revenues generated: $ 133,000 $ 356,000 $ 408,000 Town of Bozrah Sewer Project Project moving slower than Franklin Previous costly sewer main on Route 87 no longer needed Present design allows their future connection to Segment 4 on Murphy Road Lenard Engineering, Inc.

8 Project Costs Other Project Costs
Construction Costs Segment Rt. 32 south of Route 87 - $3.429 million Segment Rt. 32, from Rt. 87 to Murphy Rd - $2.404 million Segment Murphy Road East of railroad tracks - $1.642 million Segment Murphy Road West of railroad tracks $0.662 million SUB-TOTAL CONSTRUCTION - $8.138 million Other Project Costs Contingencies (20 %) - $1.628 million Design/ Construction Administration (20 %) - $1.628 million Construction Inflation (3.5 %) - $0.285 million NPU Connection Fee (100,000 gpd) - $1.100 million Legal, Bond Council, Short Term Interest - $1.250 million SUB-TOTAL - OTHER PROJECT COSTS - $5.890 million TOTAL PROJECT COST $ MILLION Lenard Engineering, Inc.

9 Typical Property Owner Costs
No benefit assessment charges are proposed for this project Property owner responsible for water service and sewer lateral on their properties Water - $3,000 est. Sewer- $5,000 est. Property owners will become NPU water customer, be billed directly by Norwich Sewer bills will be paid to Town of Franklin WPCA, based on water meter readings Typical Residence / Small Business- 200 gallons per day Water Charge = $ 585 / year Sewer Charge = $ 650/year Total Charge = $ 1,235/year Lenard Engineering, Inc.

10 Proposed Project Schedule
May 20, 2015 Town Meeting on this project May 27, 2015 Referendum Vote on this project Assuming May 27, 2015 Referendum Passes Apply for additional grant funding from US EDA (due date June 12, 2015) Continue to pursue State, USDA future pooled funding Design and Permit Entire Project (Segments 1- 4) June - December 2015 If no additional funding is available, construct water and sewer portions of Segments 1 & 2 with USDA funding (March - December 2016) As additional grant funding is obtained, construct remaining portions of the project, Segments 3 & 4- Murphy Road east and west – (through July 2017) Lenard Engineering, Inc.

11 Lenard Engineering, Inc.

12 How Will Town Pay for this Project ?
USDA Grant- $2.110 million grant USDA Loan- $7.105 million loan (2.75%, 40 years) Annual Principal and Interest Payment = $ 296,000 beginning in 2017 New Projected Tax Revenue from Franklin Hills Estates Approved Projects: $133,000 $368,000 $408,000 Note that future tax revenue from the Franklin Hill Estates approved project will pay for the debt service from the USDA loan. NO ADDITIONAL BENEFIT ASSESSMENTS WILL BE REQUIRED TO FUND THIS PROJECT! Lenard Engineering, Inc.

13 Benefits of Project Public Health - Eliminates septic systems and private well water quality concerns Economic Development - Water, Sewer and Gas Utilities will allow more complete development of Town’s commercial and industrial zoned land Taxes - Increases to Grand List will help keep taxes steady over time Limited Areas for Future Tax Revenue Growth - See map of Protected Properties Lenard Engineering, Inc.

14 Lenard Engineering, Inc.

15 Questions and Comments?
Lenard Engineering, Inc.

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