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6. 5 Q1: Why did emperor Leo III forbid the use of icons in 730

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1 6. 5 Q1: Why did emperor Leo III forbid the use of icons in 730
6.5 Q1: Why did emperor Leo III forbid the use of icons in 730? How did the Pope react? Leo III forbid the use of Icons in 730 which made the Roman catholic church mad. Leo banned icons because he believed that people were worshiping the icons not those represented by it. After Leo made it official the Pope became furious. He was so mad that he excommunicated the emperor from the church.

2 6.5 Q2 :what event in 800 increased the tension between the east and west?
In the 800 the Pope made a major mistake. At that time the Byzantine empire was controlled by a woman named Irene. The Pope refused to crown empress Irene just because she was a woman. Instead he crowns Charlemagne, also to defend what is left of western Rome. This had Byzantine people filled with rage as they felt they should be ruling the Roman empire.

3 6.5 Q3: How did the relationship between the Eastern Orthodox church and the Roman Catholic church change in 1054? In 1054 the relationship between these two churches hit rock bottom. It started when patriarch Cerularius decided that their church should be the most powerful church. He started putting this to effect by closing any church that worshipped with western rites. Pope Leo didn’t agree and then sent a cardinal to excommunicate him. Cerularius then excommunicates the cardinal. The churches split apart and would only come back together 110 years later.

4 Reading notes section 6.2 1. Why was Constantinople ideally located to be the capital of the Byzantine Empire? - Constantinople became the capital of the Byzantine Empire because it was on a peninsula( surrounded by water on all three sides) making it easier to defend. Also because it stood at the crossroads of Europe and Asia making it an ideal location for trading. Finally because it was a wealthy city making it a good capital overall.

5 2. What were some of Constantinople’s main features?
- Constantinople’s main features included being rich, religious, having good harbors, and lots of luxury items. Although the city was rich most commoners were in poverty. To make up for this the emperor made a lot of public works to give people who needed it jobs. Also since it was on a peninsula it had really good and big harbors.

6 3. What was daily life like in Constantinople?
- The daily life in Constantinople was more advanced than in most places because of all the public works. One thing that made daily special was the fact that they actually had a sewer system unlike most cities. This made daily a lot more simple. Another thing people did was attend chariot races and make bets on them.

7 The picture on the right side is found at http://www. kidspast
reading notes What was the relationship between religion and government in the Byzantine Empire? When Constantine built his new capital he intended it to be the religious center of the empire as well as the seat of government. He even called bishops together to help settle religious disputes in council. The Byzantines believed Christianity wasn’t just a religion but the foundation of their empire. The Eastern Orthodox Church itself, based on Jesus Christ but also based off the work of bishops in early Christian councils.

8 6.4 reading notes How did the Eastern Orthodox Church play a central role in daily life of Byzantines? The picture above can be found at The church and state were combined into one all-powerful body because the Byzantines viewed their emperor as a living representative of God an Jesus Christ. Since the religion was state wide, the Byzantine people were united in a common belief. The church played a central role in daily life so most people attended church regularly. From birth, to death, religious sacraments gave shape to you.

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