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Presentation before Hon’ble Members of Committee on Petitions of Delhi Legislative Assembly by CHETNA ON 20TH FEBRUARY, 2007

2 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
PUBLIC TRANSPORT Overview Ground Realities Reasons for chaos Suggestions for improvements E mail- Cell

3 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Ground Realities Congested roads Deficient and inefficient public transport Fleecing of commuters Mass traffic rules violations Insufficient parking space Unsafe roads Poor connectivity within NCR E mail- Cell

4 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Congested Delhi Road Annual Wastage of Fuel & Man hours *Fuel: Rs. 24 Crores; *Man Hours. Rs.1300 Crores Increased Pollution * Each intersection under survey - total 20 such intersections E mail- Cell

5 Why roads are congested?
Encroachment Faulty placement of stops Inoperative traffic signals Heavy pressure on artillery roads Unwanted gaps in roads Faulty design of flyovers E mail- Cell

On daily basis: App. 12,000 cars & 12,000 scooters/bikes from Vasant Kunj itself *App. 50,000 cars & 50,000 scooters/bikes from Dwarka itself *With Metro now Dwarka vehicles has been reduced to just half E mail- Cell

Lack of Public Transport Un-regulated Intermediate Public Transport Lack of feeder transport between habitat and public transport stations E mail- Cell

8 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Public Transport No of Diesel Busses on Road before phasing out. No. of CNG Busses after phasing out 10,000 6,000 E mail- Cell

9 Public Transport Position as on 31-10-06
Big Buses with permits On 644 routes 4379 Mini Buses/RTV on 152 routes 1345 Total Source-RTI 5724 E mail- Cell

10 Public Transport 54(Fifty Four) 06 Route No Sanctioned Busses
Busses Plying 66 C-9 Vasant Kunj to JLN Stadium 4 (Four) 01 DTC 605- C-9 to Mori Gate 54(Fifty Four) 2 Pvt. 2 DTC 602 C-9 Vasant Kunj to Red Fort Source: RTI 06 02 Pvt. E mail- Cell

11 Public Transport Route No. Nil 1 Pvt. Busses Sanctioned Actual
784 Nazafgarh to Nehru Place Nil 27 Pvt. & 2 DTC 737 Nazafgarh to JLN Stadium 3 1 Pvt. 840 Extn Source: RTI 5 2 E mail- Cell

12 Public Transport 14 19 13 20 03 17 05 24 08 25 04 23 07 Route No
Busses STA Busses DTC Total 615 JNU to NDLS Rly Stn 14 03 17 680 Central Secretariat 19 05 24 620 Shiva Ji Stadium to IIT 08 25 505 Kamla Market to Mehrauli 13 04 520 Super Bazar to Malviya Nagar 23 533 ISBT to Mehrauli 20 780 Super Bazaar to IGI Airport Source: RTI 07 E mail- Cell

13 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Public Transport The Transport Department cannot ascertain how many busses are actually plying on these routes. Source : RTI E mail- Cell

14 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Public Transport Metro Rail: Breather for Dwarkites, Rohini, Shadhara, Trans-yamuna Areas and West Delhi. E mail- Cell

15 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Public Transport Even the busses that have been taken off the Metro Routes have not been properly deployed; Transport Department admitted before PGC in Jan 2006 that Permit holders do not ply on non profitable routes. E mail- Cell

16 Intermediate Public Transport
Modes: Taxi Auto Rickshaws No of TSR’s to be converted into CNG Mode as per order dated of Hon’ble Supreme Court: 83,000 E mail- Cell

17 Intermediate Public Transport
Total TSR (As on ) 54,369 TSR’s converted/retrofitted 50,328 New Auto’s Registered 4,041 E mail- Cell

18 Intermediate Public Transport
Operational Problems: Failure in getting tamper proof meters installed Unreasonable fares Inefficient HELPLINE Lack of Enforcement E mail- Cell

19 Passengers to pay by meter
Tamper proof meter directed to be installed by Apex Court dated and High Court of Delhi on Sub standard meters approved by the Director Legal Meteorology; Easy to tamper and most of the time non-functional Fleecing continues E mail- Cell

20 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Defective fare meters During 2006 No. of inspections made on roads Fare meters found defective Fare meters found defective % *Reasons for defects – improper maintenance and upkeep by owners/drivers. *The C W & M is not aware how many defective meters of each brand were found as many dealers have actually wound up and do not have any after sale service. Source: RTI dated E mail- Cell

21 Intermediate Public Transport
Fare Revision: Feb 03 & July 03 2003: CNG- Rs. 12/- per Kg Pulses-Rs. 20/- to Rs. 25/- Kg 2007: CNG-Rs per Kg; Pulses. Rs. 60/- to Rs. 70 Kg E mail- Cell

22 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
HELPLINE Help line introduced by Govt. of NCT of Delhi in Oct 2002 Total Complaints outstanding- 71,141 E mail- Cell

23 Help Line- Statistics Oct 2002 to 30-04-04
Complaints Received 65,665 Notices Issued Notices Returned 35,273 Drivers did not appear 6,027 Drivers Prosecuted 24,365 E mail- Cell

24 Help Line- Statistics 01-04-2005 to 15-02-06
No of complaints received 112917 Notices Issued 105935 Notices Returned 6772 Drivers not appeared Source-RTI 27983 E mail- Cell

25 Help Line- Statistics 16-02--2006 to 31-10-2006
No of complaints received 5150 Notices Issued 4975 Notices Returned 3302 Drivers not appeared Source-RTI 3477 E mail- Cell

26 Intermediate Public Transport
Drivers Appeared 11,697 Challans Compounded Source : RTI ID No. 492/ 15,424 Total TSR (As on ) 54,000 E mail- Cell

27 Public Transport - Legal Provisions
S Certificate of fitness of Transport Vehicle S. 66 (1)- Necessity of Permit; S Grant of Stage Carriage permit S.73,74- Contract Carriage Permits S Goods Carriage Permit; S General Conditions for all permits; S Cancellation and suspension of Permits by Transport Department E mail- Cell

28 OFFENCES, PENALTIES & PROCEDURE- 1st & 2nd Offenses
S Violation of any Provision Rs S unauthorized driver Imprisonment for three months/- Fine Rs.1000 or both S.182 – Driving without License imprisonment of three months or fine of Rs. 500 or both S Driving at excessive Speed- Rs.100 to 300 S Dangerous Driving- 1st offence -6 months Imprisonment or Rs.1000/ fine or both, 2nd offence with in 3 years- 6 months Imprisonment or Rs.1000 fine or both S Drunken Driving- 1st- 6 months Imprisonment or Rs.2000 fine or both, 2nd- If committed with in three years- 2 yrs Imprisonment or Rs.3000 fine or both S Using unsafe Vehicle- Fine up to 2,000, in case of accident imprisonment of 3 months of fine up to Rs or both S Using Vehicle without Registration- 1st Fine- between Rs. 2000/- to Rs. 5000/-, 2nd within one yr- Imprisonment or fine from Rs. 5000/- to 10,000/- or both E mail- Cell

29 Traffic Rules Violations
Plying overloaded heavy goods vehicles Fatal accidents on roads and prosecutions E mail- Cell

30 Public Transport -Social Audit
Every day nearly 80,000 trucks enter/pass through Delhi and almost 80% are overloaded. (Source: Bhure Lal Committee affidavit in Supreme Court) Heavy Goods Vehicles challaned for overloading: April 02 –Jan : 3,703 (10 months) April 03 to May : 6,636 (14 months) April 04 to March 05 : 2,656 April 05 to March 06 : * GNCT looses Rs. 1,267 crores annually on account of non enforcement of overloading of trucks only excluding damage to roads, accidents & Pollution, loss of life & property. Source-RTI E mail- Cell

31 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Public Transport Action Taken-Fatal Accidents- Traffic Police- Recommendations 1st April 2002 to BLUE LINE BUSES 443 DTC BUSES 237 MINI BUSES 212 OTHER BUSES Source-RTI 637 Total-1529 E mail- Cell

32 Public Transport- Social Audit
Year 2004 2005 2006(upto 15/10/06) Total Challans 39,65,845 41,06,169 33,26,964 Compounding Fee Rs. 43,08,60,166 Rs. 48,24,11750 Rs. 37,72,20,960 Per Challan Rs Rs Rs E mail- Cell

33 Public Transport Action Taken-Transport Department
Fatal Accident- Permit Suspended 04/03 till 488 Driving License cancelled from 04/05 to 10/06 210 Permit cancellation -Fatal Accidents from 04/05 to 10/06 Nil Prosecutions for Non-possession/Invalid Fitness Certificate from 04/05 to 10/06 *58.2% of total buses on road *3129 E mail- Cell

34 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Parking Facilities Insufficient parking space High parking charges Parking mafia in operation Violation of building bye-laws by commercial builders E mail- Cell

35 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Parking Facilities Both NDMC and MCD have denied on record the existence of parking mafia in Connaught Place/Circus, Vasant Vihar, Green Park, Haus Khas, Safdar Jang Development Area. Source: Replies under RTI E mail- Cell

36 Parking spaces- Social Audit
Amount collected on parking charges during the period from 2004 to Dec Rs Crores Amount spent for development of parking sites -- NIL Source: RTI dated E mail- Cell

37 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Road Safety Pedestrians Cyclists Accessibility E mail- Cell

38 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696
Public Transport NCR Connectivity: A Big Question mark? E mail- Cell

39 Public Transport 1962 2021 Cycle Tracks MRTS
Integrated Transport System Integrated multimodal Public Transport System Planning E mail- Cell

40 Suggestions - Public Transport
Enforce Law to ensure busses ply only on sanctioned routes; Introduce point to point premium bus service; Interlink bus routes with Metro; Enforce the time table for all busses. E mail- Cell

41 Suggestions-Intermediate Public Transport
Enforce Law to ensure no meter tampering Ensure meters approved are only sold in Market; Allow shared Taxi/TSR service & fix the routes; Enforce permit conditions to eliminate finance cartel; Allot the TSR’S to genuine drivers-17065 E mail- Cell

42 Suggestions- Law Enforcement
Appoint single authority to deal with all kinds of permit condition violations Cancel Permit u/s 86 of M V Act Award stringent punishment by amending the law in accident cases; Impose Heavy Fines. E mail- Cell

43 Suggestions- Parking spaces
Development of more parking sites, Withdrawal of NOC by Traffic Police to allotee of Parking by MCD if, found violating the terms and conditions including overcharging, Commercial builders to develop parking space for the building compulsorily. E mail- Cell

44 Suggestions- Awareness & Training
Creating awareness amongst commuters to follow traffic rules Giving training to public and intermediate public transport drivers to strictly follow traffic rules To hold regular inspection and awareness camps in various parts E mail- Cell

45 E mail-, Cell. 9810514696


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