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EU Funding Opportunities Dr Christina Mellor UKICRS Workshop 16/04/15.

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1 EU Funding Opportunities Dr Christina Mellor UKICRS Workshop 16/04/15

2 Horizon 2020 Overall Budget approx. €80 billion (possible €2.7b reduction if Junker’s EFSI plan is approved in June) Runs from 1 st Jan 2014 – 31 st Dec 2020 Seeks to implement the ‘Innovation Union’ Main emphasis: excellent research; societal challenges; increasing competitiveness of European Industry Significant similarities with FP7 with a drive towards simplification Recognises global nature of research/innovation


4 Future and Emerging Technologies FET Open - supports early-stage joint science and technology research around new ideas for radically new future technologies FET Proactive - nurtures emerging themes and communities by addressing a number of promising exploratory research themes with the potential to generate a critical mass Proposed topic for 2016-17: Intra- and inter-cell bio-nano-chem technologies: new approaches to enable the study of processes within biological cells, as well as their interactions with purposes such as sensing, imaging, regulating, engineering or curing. This can include natural cells, synthetic ones or combinations of these. (includes in-cell physics and computing, artificial/synthetic cells, artificial/natural cell interaction, inter-cell communication (exosomes)) “FET focusses on research beyond what is known, accepted or widely adopted and supports novel and visionary thinking to open promising paths towards powerful new technologies.”

5 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions “Ensure excellent and innovative research training as well as attractive career and knowledge- exchange opportunities through cross border and cross-sector mobility of researchers to best prepare them to face current and future societal challenges.”

6 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Generous funding for excellent researchers Bottom-up approach (all fields covered) Focus on training and career development Supports researchers at all stages of their careers Participation of non-academic sector strongly encouraged, especially industry and SMEs Researchers MUST move to a new country (i.e. not have lived/worked in the host institution country for more than 12 months in the last 3 years)

7 Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

8 COFUND Fellowship Schemes Cascade Fellowships – Any area of Life Science – Marie Curie mobility rules apply – 40% of Fellowship funded (at MC rates), the 60% match funding can come from any source other than EU. – AIRC iCARE Fellowships – Any area of Oncology research – Mobility to or from Italy – Full salary funded, plus allowance for travel and conference, consumables budget must be found from another source. –

9 Consortium building Use your contacts Network at conferences and workshops EU Info days and Brokerage events Enterprise Europe Network can be useful if you need a specific expertise from a partner, or an SME partner EU CORDIS website has details of previously funded projects National Contact Points (for UK these are found at:

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