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Chapter 10 Lesson 1 Part 1 Name ___________________________________ Period __________ Room _________.

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1 Chapter 10 Lesson 1 Part 1 Name ___________________________________ Period __________ Room _________

2 Fuel Helps Indiana Grow Economy: Railroads were growing Companies began mining __________ to fuel trains In the 1860s, ____________________ was discovered in Indiana People started using this for ______________ and to run factories People thought there was an _______________ supply of natural gas

3 Many cities, such as Muncie, Marion, Alexandria, Anderson, etc. were located along a supply of natural gas. This was called the __________________. Which industries grew as a result of the discovery of natural gas? _________________ _________________________________ Why did business owners want to use Indiana’s natural gas? ____________________ _______________________________________ The use of natural gas helped __________ companies grow

4 What was the name of one of the bigger glass making companies located in Indiana? ___________________________________ The Ball brothers moved from _____________ to Muncie, Indiana How did the discovery of natural gas change Indiana? ______________________________ _______________________________________

5 Growing Industries Supply: How did the growth of farms affect other industries? ____________________________ _______________________________________ James Oliver: Made ____________ Elwood Haynes: Made ________________ Eli Lilly: Made _______________

6 Industries that were growing in Indiana in the 1800s: 1.________________________ 2.________________________ 3.________________________ 4.________________________ 5.________________________ 6.________________________ Why did Indiana’s new industries need the railroads? ____________________________ _______________________________________

7 Moving by Rail Railroads were first built in Indiana in the 1840s After the Civil War, many of the small railroad companies were ______________________ by large companies Railroads helped farmers ship products quickly and easily A problem occurred, though. What was the problem? ______________________________ ________________________________________

8 Monopoly: This meant companies could set _____________________ to ship farmers’ crops The supply of railroad lines was ________, but the demand to use the railroads was _______. Why were railroads able to charge high prices to carry farmers’ products? _______________ _______________________________________

9 Profit: Regulate: Prices for goods fell after the Civil War, so farmers made __________ money But shipping prices stayed ___________ Why did farmers want the government to regulate the price charged by railroads to ship goods?________________________________ _______________________________________

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