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Finance Information Open Evening Tuesday April 14 th 2015.

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1 Finance Information Open Evening Tuesday April 14 th 2015

2 Fees Each Year Capitation Fee €165. (Mardyke Arena, Students Union (SU) of Ireland,SU centre,SU Common room. Student Contribution Charge( SCC) €3,000(2015/16) covers the cost of the following services: Student service's costs,sports, clubs and societies Costs relating to registration, fees, admission and examinations Library and computing costs Tuition Fees Cost of the course you are registered for e.g BA in Arts or Social Science €2,685 per year(py) Commerce €3,300py,Science €4,320. Costs for 2015/16 on UCC Fees Office website.

3 What Fees Do I pay& when? Capitation Fee. All students pay this Payment when registering on line N.B Must be paid before you come to UCC for Registration part 2. Student Contribution Charge( SCC) Undergraduate not getting a SUSI grant you must pay this fee. Payment when registering on line 50% of the €3000, remainder paid in early January 2016 SUSI grant. SUSI billed by UCC _ all or part of the SC,if part then liable for balance.(to be cleared in early January) SUSI - Approved at Registration time : not liable for this fee- but N.B you must provide a valid SUSI application Number Approval in Progress- Provide your valid SUSI application Number. Subsequent non-award 1 st instalment due immediately.

4 Tuition Fees :Do I pay and when? Most undergraduates do not have to pay this Covered by Government (HEA)under free fees initiative. To be eligible a student must be: A First-time undergraduate hold an EU nationality or have official Refugee Status and have been ordinarily resident in an EU Member State for at least three of the last five years preceding entry to course. Confirm You attendance in Second Semester Approved course of duration 2 years or more

5 Liable for the Tuition Fee You have a degree already or hold a postgraduate qualification You have attended 3 rd level in the past 5 years Level 6,7,8 course-(cut off for this Academic Year (09/10) i.e registered in a college completing a level 6/7/8 course in any year after 2009/10. Non EU/EEA nationality & Non EU/EEA Residency

6 Not Liable for Tuition Fees Exceptions Case by Case basis( consultation with HEA) Level 6/7 qualification and are progressing to a Level 8 (Honours Bachelor Degree) course without necessarily having received an exemption from the normal duration of the course may be deemed eligible for free fees. HEA will pay Tuition in respect of students undertaking a repeat year of study at the same year level where evidence of exceptional circumstances, such as cases of certified serious illness, is provided.

7 Previous Attendance Form Leaving Cert prior to 2015 Contacted via email on CAO offer acceptance Need to complete this form Form 2 parts Never attended 3 rd level before Complete relevant section sign and return prior to registration 3 rd Level attendance Complete relevant section _previous college complete You return to UCC prior to registration

8 Sample Previous Attendance Form Sample

9 When do I pay Tuition Fees 50% due at Registration Remainder –early January 2016

10 Student Debtor Policy UCC has a Student Debtor Policy. All students need to read this Fees must be paid by the notified dates. If not… Blackboard access denied will not receive details of examinations will not be permitted to progress to the next year of study A late fee applies. Your responsibility to ensure payments made within notified dates.

11 Problems paying on line Check amount your paying Greater than E1500 –Visa Debit 2 transactions Always check amount in PAY Now Box! On line payment guidelines in Registration pack Other payment options Electronic Fund transfer to UCC Fees Account (Account Details on web) Always include your student no as reference.

12 Withdrawal from Course Officially withdraw.( Contact Records Office) Make in informed Decision._Seek advice Prior to October 9 th 2015 Forfeit Capitation Fee Prior to January 31 st 2016. Forfeit Capitation fee and 50 % of SC Liable for 1/2 years tuition fee on return to 3 rd Level to pursue a level 5/6/7 course in the next 5 years. After January 31 st 2016. Forfeit Capitation fee and 100 % of SC Liable for full years tuition fee on return to 3 rd Level to pursue a level 5/6/7 course in the next 5 years.

13 Liability -If I have to repeat a year Normal course 60 credits Full year – Liable for Capitation. SC and Tuition HEA/ SUSI will not cover repeat years (except in exceptional circumstances where evidence of certified serious illness, is provided.) Repeat year less then 60 credits Full Capitation Fee and Pro rata SC and Tuition i.e. the fee is determined by the number of credits you are registered for. Details of Fees in respect of Repeats Years are available at oner2014_2015students.pdf

14 Exam Re-Entry Fee Fee Liability Repeats cost 35e per 5 credit module. The total amount is capped at 245e. How do I pay? On line through ‘My Student Administration’_ Fees _ Payment of Fees. This payment will have to be made before registering for the next year

15 Fees Office Where North Wing _ First Floor. Communication Umail Account 2 important emails each year 1. Fees due 2 nd instalment 2.Confirm your attendance 1 st Feb Text indicating that an important email sent Keep your contact details updated! All communication with ‘you ‘the student. Contact the Fees office always give a subject matter and student number.

16 Difficulty paying your fees Communication – very important Exceptional circumstances Payment Plan ( Student Contribution & Tuition Fee amounts due greater than €500) Form available on line- completed and accompanied by an initial payment

17 Fees –Q& A’s

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