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Mission Create and implement strategies to improve college and career preparation for Kansas City's urban students.

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1 Mission Create and implement strategies to improve college and career preparation for Kansas City's urban students

2 PREP-KC Footprint 2 states Five low-income districts 10 traditional high schools + 2 charter schools 49,500 students 10,000 high school students 35% of the low income students, and 40% of the students of color within the 5-county region

3 Benchmarking Key Strategies College & Career Benchmarks Academies & Institutes Early-College Tuition Campus Visits FAFSA Preparation Early College Workforce Liaisons Career-Jumping Events Work Site Tours Workforce Preparation Data Dashboard Leadership Development Expert Coaches (Math & Literacy) Regional Math Relays Regional Teacher Leader Cadre Khan Academy Pilot K-3 Classroom Libraries

4 © PREP-KC 2014 Data Dashboard

5 2013-14 Results 643 Professionals from 172 Businesses and 26 Postsecondary Institutions supported college & career exploration experiences for 4,031 individual students

6 PREP-KC Academies & Institutes Prepared Workforce Health Sciences UMKC School of Nursing, MCC-PV, St. Luke’s Hospital Tech (In Development) Bioscience KCKCC, KU Med, Donnelly, KCALSI, CEVA Biomune Engineering KCKCC, Custom Engineering, Honeywell Supply Chain & Logistics MCC-PV, SmartPort, NFM, UPS Business & Finance MCC-Longview, State Street

7 Academies produce THREE key results: 1. Create NEW partnerships between urban school districts, postsecondary institutions and business 2. Develop career aspirations and postsecondary plans for urban high school students in high-growth industry areas 3. Develop NEW accelerated career pathways into high growth industry areas

8 Preliminary Postsecondary Enrollment Findings Postsecondary going, middle-income students (65%) Postsecondary going, low-income students (51%) *National Center for Education Statistics, 2012

9 Preliminary Findings Academy students report they are: Interested in, and knowledgeable about, their field of study. More likely to stay in school & graduate as a result of their Academy experience. Prepared for postsecondary education – the coursework & the culture. Likely to pursue a career in their field of study.

10 “State Street has high hopes that the Business and Finance Institute will provide qualified and motivated candidates for business-related jobs in Kansas City. With exposure to the professional business environment and focused development on business-essential skills, these students should have a leg-up for local Kansas City business jobs.” -Jeff Baughman, Training Manager VP (State Street)

11 “PREP-KC’s Health Science Academy is redesigning the high school experience so students will be truly ready for postsecondary education. These students will have a head start in a nursing or health degree program because they have been exposed to campus-life, classes, instructors and careers.” – Ronda Cole-Manney, RN Director of Pathways to Nursing Academy, UMKC

12 “As a result of this experience, I will follow my dreams. I will pay attention in my classes because I can apply what I am learning to the real world.” “Because of what I learned today, I am going to Northwest to get a degree in computer science.” Career Jumping Northwest Missouri State Information Technology “My eyes were really opened to the possibilities of working in the tech field.” Perceptive Software KC TechStart “This event made me really interested in software development.”

13 Health Sciences Accelerated Academy “I learned that it takes hard work to get where you would like to be.” -Center Student Students at UMKC School of Nursing & Health Studies Blood typing learning experience at UMKC Students make an anti-itch cream at UMKC School of Pharmacy

14 “I will try my hardest because I really want to be an engineer.” -Wyandotte Student “ I will take more science and math classes so I can have a career in STEM.” -Washington Student Engineering Academy Students visit UMKC School of Computing & Engineering for an interactive college experience Student presentations at Kansas City Kansas Community College

15 Bioscience Academy “My Academy experience has helped me stay ahead of many of my classmates during the school year regarding science classes. It has helped me focus on doing what I love to do and what I want for my college/career experience. -Harmon Student Urinalysis experiment at Donnelly College Student presentations at Kansas City Kansas Community College Students create science experiment kits for middle school students

16 “I learned that in this career area, having work experience can be equally as important as a college education.” -Wyandotte Student “I learned that supply chain is more than just the movement of products.” –Grandview Student Supply Chain Academy Career Jumping with supply chain professionals Networking with hiring companies within the KC metro area

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