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2 A Clerk (clerical staff) is someone employed in an organization who does clerical work in the office. The clerical work includes: filing documents, keeping records and any other job assigned to him. FUNCTIONS OF A CLERICAL STAFF The clerk handles incoming mails and outgoing mails of the organization.

3 Functions of a Clerical Staff (Cont.)
He/she files and records documents He/she posts, dispatch the letters of the organization. He/she operates various machines and equipment in the organization e.g. photocopy machine, telephone etc. He/she may be asked to do some typing work. He/she makes office refreshment, e.g. making of tea.

4 Qualities of a Clerical staff
The qualities of a clerk is divided into two broad headings, these are: Personal qualities Job or Business qualities PERSONAL QUALITIES He/she should dress properly. He/she should be able to work well with other people.

5 Qualities of a Clerical staff (cont.)
He/she must be polite to people. Should posses good moral values. He/ she should be able to keep office information secret. He/ she must be honest. He/ she must be a good listener and should be able to answer questions intelligently. He/ she should be able to use his/her initiative.

6 Job/ Business Qualities of a Clerical Staff.
A minimum qualification of a senior school certificate is required. He/she must be punctual to work. Must have interest in the job. He/she should be able to work under pressure. He/she must be tactful in handling office issues. He/she must have some books he can refer to, such as dictionary when necessary.

7 Confidentiality of office information
Confidentiality of office information is ensuring that important office information are kept secret. It is the act of not leaking important information to someone who has no business with the organization. Confidential records should be kept in a folder marked “CONFIDENTIAL”. The records should be kept under lock and key and they should not be released to unauthorized persons.


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